Local Laws - 1971

Local Law No. 1

            Amending the Erie County Charter relating to the establishment of the position of deputy Erie County executive and outlining his duties and powers. 


Local Law No. 2

            Authorizes the leasing by Erie County of real property for a term not in excess of forty years with relation to a stadium and appurtenant facilities. 


Local Law No. 3

            Establishes an Erie County Environmental Management Council. 


Local Law No. 4

            Prohibits the sale of certain detergents containing phosphorus. 


Local Law No. 5

            Authorizes the medical director and medical examiners ofErieCountyto conduct investigations and perform autopsies under certain circumstances. 


Local Law No. 6

            Amends the Erie County Charter in relation to the composition of the county legislature districts.


Local Law No. 7

            Amending local law No. 1 of 1959 in relation to the eligibility of county legislators for certain county offices.  “A county legislator shall not hold any other salaried elective public office during his tenure.”  However, a legislator may resign from the legislature prior to such other appointment to elective public office. 


Local Law No. 8

            Authorizes the conduct of off-track pari-mutuel betting in Erie County. 


Local Law No. 9

            Sets forth an agreement by the common council of the City of Buffalo, the legislature of Erie County, and the legislature of Niagara County under provisions of the New York State Off-Track Pari-Mutuel Betting Law creating the Buffalo, Erie County and Niagara County off-track pari-mutuel betting commission, also to be known as “BENCO” for development and operation of a system of off-track pari-mutuel betting in Buffalo, Erie County and Niagara County, or in any one or two of these municipalities. 


Local Law No. 10

            Sets salaries of the county court judges, family court judge, and the surrogate in Erie County at $36,000.


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