Local Laws - 1974

Local Law No. 1

            Amends the Erie County Charter dealing with Article XVI, a new section 1610 providing that there shall be no ex-officio Erie County representatives on the Erie and Niagara Counties Regional Planning Board.

Local Law No. 2

            Authorizes the county executive to sell and convey to Forsyth Industries, Inc. a lot and masonry building located at the northeast corner of Persons and Elm St. in the village of East Aurora. 

Local Law No. 3

            Amending the county charter adding a new Article IX providing an environmental quality policy and a Department of Environmental Quality.

Local Law No. 4

            Amends the administrative code adding a new article 9, providing a department of environmental Quality.

Local Law No. 5

            Amends the charter section 310 by adding qualifications for the director of data processing.

Local Law No. 6

            Amends the administrative cade to provide that computer operations of central police services are under the exclusive jurisdiction of the commissioner of central Police Services.

Local Law No. 7

            Amends the charter section 103 to substitute the words New York State Municipal Home Rule Law for the words article 6-A of the County Law.

Local Law No. 8

            Amends the charter by repealing 205 and substituting a new section 205 setting forth provisions and procedures for adoption of local laws corresponding to New York State Municipal Home Rule Law section 21.

Local Law No. 9

            Amends the administrative code section 2.03 to provide that the form and procedure for adopting local laws should be as provided in New York’s Municipal Home Rule Law.

Local Law No. 10

            Amends the charter section 202(b), regarding the powers of local legislation to repeal local laws, legalizing acts, ordinances, and resolutions. 

Local Law No. 11

            Amends Charter adding new section 310 to provide that the complete operation of central police services under the exclusive jurisdiction of the commissioner of central police services. 

 Local Law No. 12

            Imposes a tax on the occupancy of hotel rooms.

 Local Law No. 13

            Amends charter adding new section 1907 requiring that starting in 1980 and at least every 10 years thereafter, the county legislature can consider appointing a charter provision committee. 

 Local Law No. 14

            Amends local law No. 1-1959 by deleting sub section c form Article X of the Erie County Charter. 

 Local Law No. 15

            Amends local law No. 1-1960 by deleting section 10.05 from Article 10 of the administrative code.

 Local Law No. 16

            Amends local law No. 1-1959 by deleting section 1621 of Article 16A and substitutes it with a new section 1621, in which commissioner of Environmental Quality, Director of Planning and County Attorney shall be ex-officio voting members of the Erie County Environmental Management Council. 

 Local Law No. 17

            Amends Local Law No. 1-1959 of the Erie County Charter by adding a new article, 16c, establishing an Erie County Citizens Committee on rape and sexual assault. 

Local Law No. 18

            Amends local law No. 1-1959 by repealing article 16b and replacing it with a new article 16b which establishes and Erie County Consumer Protection Committee.


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