Local Laws - 1981

Local Law No. 1

            Extends the deadline for the submission of the final report of the charter revision commission.

Local Law No. 2

            Amends Local Law No. 1-1979, in relation to providing for an alternative method for the collection of delinquent village taxes by the county. 

Local Law No. 3

            Describes the boarders for seventeen (17) county legislative districts. 

Local Law No. 4

            Authorizes direct deposit of county employees payroll deductions.

Local Law No. 5

            All county departments and units, except those required by state and/or Federal Law, will cease to exist at the end of every three years unless extended by the county legislature and county executive. 


Local Law No. 6

            Articulates the composition, powers and duties of the county development coordination board.  

Local Law No. 7

Adds section 210 to the county charter, to provide for an advisory committee on reapportionment.


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