Local Laws - 1982

Local Law No. 1

            Adds section 302(n) to Article 3, providing for an annual independent audit. 

Local Law No. 2

            Amends Local Law 4-1980 in order to maintain consistency with state and federal law regarding possession, manufacture, and sale of drug paraphernalia.                   

Local Law No. 3

            Authorizes the county executive to execute an agreement for capital improvement to the Buffalo Convention Center without advertising or competitive bidding.

Local Law No. 4

            Amends Local Law 1-1960 regarding the division of purchase under the administrative code.

Local Law No. 5

            Reduces exemption period for certified business facilities to a maximum of five (5) years. 

Local Law No. 6

            Requires authorization by the school board for industrial development projects undertaken by the county. 

Local Law No. 7

            Authorizes the county executive with the approval of the legislature to lease the convalescent home to Hospice Buffalo, Inc. without advertising or competitive bidding.

Local Law No. 8

            Authorizes the creation of contracts with the approval of the county legislature for mass transportation service to the public by a private firm(s) in accordance with General Municipal Law section 119.

Local Law No. 9

            The creation of an administrative board to govern the Erie County Medical Center under the county charter and the administrative code.


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