Local Laws - 1986

Local Law No. 1

            Amending County Charter by repealing Article XI-C, added by Local Law 5-1972, by repealing § 902(h), 904 & 905 thereof as added by local law 3-1978, adding new Article XI-C relating to establishment of Dept. Of Emergency Services; and amending Code by repealing Article II-C by Local Law 4-1972, repealing § 9.01-.04 & 9.07 added by Local Law 4-1978, adding new Article II-C re: operation of Dept. Of Emergency Services. 

Local Law No. 2

            Requires a two-thirds vote by the county legislature to lease, sell, convey ore otherwise grant possession of the county hospital to any party approved by the legislature.

Local Law No. 3

            Leasing of surplus space at the Erie Community College South Campus to the Diocese of Buffalo.

Local Law No. 4

            Prohibits the use of certain animals as a prize or award in game and or contests or as a form of inducement to enter a place of business.

Local Law No. 5

            Regulates home health care services provided to county residents pursuant to contracts between the county and health care services providers.

Local Law No. 6

            Fixes a procedure for increasing the salaries of county elected officials, excluding the district attorney.


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