Local Laws - 1989

Local Law No. 1

            Establishes an employee suggestion incentive program. 

Local Law No. 2

            Amends Section 11-B-02, and Section 11-F-02 with respect to child mental health services. 

Local Law No. 3

            Amends the county charter and administrative code in order to establish the division of information and support services.

Local Law No. 4

            Amends the responsibilities of the Erie County Audit Committee under the charter.

Local Law No. 5

            Amends the Erie County Charter regarding the qualifications of the Director of the Erie County Laboratory.

Local Law No. 6

            Amends local law 5-1986 regulating home health care services provided to county residents pursuant to contracts between Erie County and the providers of home health care services. 

Local Law No. 7

            Amends local laws 6-1980, and 7-1988 to regulate and prohibit the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages within the county park system. 

Local Law No. 8

            Amends the county charter and administrative code with respect to the Erie County laboratory and the powers, duties, and responsibilities of the laboratory director.

Local Law No. 9

            Create the Erie County Home and provides for the powers and duties of the commissioner thereof. 

Local Law No. 10

            Establishes a code of ethics for Erie County and repeals local law 7 of 1973.

Local Law No. 11

            Regards the composition, powers and duties of the county development coordination board; the capital projects committee, and the tentative capital program.

Local Law No. 12

            Creates a count records commission in Erie County.

Local Law No.13

            Establishes an E 911 surcharge in Erie County.


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