Local Laws - 1998

Local Law No. 1

            Provides election of retirement incentive program pursuant to chapter 47 of the laws of 1998.

Local Law No. 2

            A local law in relation to home health care services provided to residents pursuant to contracts awarded by Erie County.

Local Law No. 3

            Amends the county charter and administrative code with respect to powers and duties of the commissioner of public works.

Local Law No. 4

            Regulates peddling and vending on a section of Abbot Road in Orchard Park, according to section 117-c of the highway law.

Local Law No. 5

            Re-enacts Erie county local law number 7 of 1995 with respect to the consolidation of the ECMC and the Erie County home and infirmary, and making provision for fiscal control of such combined operation.

Local Law No. 6

            Relates to support of the Buffalo and Erie County public library.


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