Local Laws - 2009

Local Law No. 1

            Strengthens and encourages Lowest Responsible Bidder Requirements for Erie County Contracts

 Local Law No. 2

            Provides for the sale of a 2.15 acre portion of the real property known as 462 Grider Street, Buffalo to Community Health Center of Buffalo, Inc., and the conveyance of a permanent non-exclusive easement over the access road adjacent and appurtenant to such real property.

 Local Law No. 3

            Amends the Erie County Charter and Erie County Administrative Code relative to the Department of Youth Services merging into the Department of Social Welfare and placing Youth Detention in the Department of Social Welfare.

 Local Law No. 4

            Prohibits the use of wireless handsets to compose, read, or send text messages, e-mails or Twitter while operating a motor vehicle in Erie County.


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