Economic Development Committee Agenda

Chair: Joseph C. Lorigo

Vice-Chair: Ted B. Morton


Lynne M. Dixon

Patrick B. Burke

Thomas A. Loughran

John J. Mills (Ex Officio)

Clerk: Karen M. McCarthy


Agenda for Meeting #13 – TBA

Item Number Reference Submitted By Description
1 LL Intro. 19-1 Grant, Savage, Loughran, Burke & Miller-Williams A LL in Relation to Fair Housing in Erie County
2 Intro. 2-5 Burke Support for an Erie County "Dig Once" Policy
3 Intro. 8-6 Rath & Morton Opposition to the Imposition of Blanket Inclusionary Zoning Principals
4 Comm. 10E-24 County Executive Open Item - 2017 Road, Bridge & Infrastructure Project Appropriations
5 Comm. 13E-2  County Executive ECC - 2017 City Campus - Skylight Reconstruction & Roof Repairs 
6 Comm. 13E-3   County Executive  ECC - 2017 Bretschger Hall - HVAC System Replacement & Upgrades - Phase 1
7 Comm. 13E-12  County Executive    2017 Countywide Hazardous Materials, Design and/or Sample Testing & Air Monitoring 
8 Comm. 13E-13  County Executive     Ellicott Creek Park - 2017 Reconstruction & Repair Shelter Nos. 6, 7 & 9 
9 Comm. 13E-15  Mills Letter to NYS Governor Regarding Recommendation to NFTA Board of Commissioners 
10 Comm. 13E-41  Morton  Letter to County Executive Regarding the Status of Como Lake
11 Comm. 14M-6 Supervisor, Town of Holland Letter Regarding Condition of Whitney Rd, Town of Holland  


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