Economic Development Committee Agenda

Chair: Joseph C. Lorigo

Vice-Chair: Ted B. Morton


Lynne M. Dixon

Patrick B. Burke

Thomas A. Loughran

John J. Mills (Ex Officio)

Clerk: Karen M. McCarthy


Agenda for Meeting #16 – October 26, 2017 - 10:30 AM

Item Number Reference Submitted By Description
1 LL Intro. 19-1 Grant, Savage, Loughran, Burke & Miller-Williams A LL in Relation to Fair Housing in Erie County
2 Intro. 2-5 Burke Support for an Erie County "Dig Once" Policy
3 Intro. 8-6 Rath & Morton Opposition to the Imposition of Blanket Inclusionary Zoning Principals
4 Comm. 10E-24 County Executive Open Item - 2017 Road, Bridge & Infrastructure Project Appropriations
5 Comm. 13E-2  County Executive ECC - 2017 City Campus - Skylight Reconstruction & Roof Repairs 
6 Comm. 13E-3   County Executive  ECC - 2017 Bretschger Hall - HVAC System Replacement & Upgrades - Phase 1
7 Comm. 13E-12  County Executive    2017 Countywide Hazardous Materials, Design and/or Sample Testing & Air Monitoring 
8 Comm. 13E-13  County Executive     Ellicott Creek Park - 2017 Reconstruction & Repair Shelter Nos. 6, 7 & 9 
9 Comm. 13E-15  Mills Letter to NYS Governor Regarding Recommendation to NFTA Board of Commissioners 
10 Comm. 14M-6 Supervisor, Town of Holland Letter Regarding Condition of Whitney Rd, Town of Holland  
11 Comm. 16E-32 Lorigo Letter to Amazon Founder and CEO Regarding Opportunity for an Amazon HQ2 in WNY
12 LL Intro. 14-1  Burke  A LL in Relation to Erie County Investing in Local Businesses and Residents, and in Doing so Investing in American Produced Products and Citizens, Also Known as "The Invest in Erie, Invest in America Act" 
13 Comm. 19E-4 County Executive Agreement with NYSDOT & Award of Construction - Locally Administered Federal Aid Project for Bridge Washing (246 Bridges) - Various Towns
14 Comm. 19E-5 County Executive Federal-Aid Highway Local Project Agreement with NYSDOT - Transportation Alternatives Program - Pedestrian & Bicycle Improvements (Phase II) - Elmwood Ave, Village of Kenmore
15 Comm. 19E-6 County Executive  Unified Court System - 2017-2018 Tenant Work Improvements - Family Court Building, Old County Hall, EC Court Building 


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