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Finance and Management Committee

Arguably the busiest legislative standing committee, the Legislature's Finance and Management committee holds responsibility for oversight of the county's over $1 billion annual fiscal budget.

During the fiscal year, the Finance and Management committee receives Budget Monitoring Reports and other information from county departments, and studies the impact of federal and state actions upon the county's finances. More so than any other committee, the Finance and Management Committee works to ensure that taxpayer dollars are spent in a responsible and appropriate manner.

The Finance and Management committee has five members during most of the year, but expands to a seven-member committee for consideration of the county executive's annual tentative budget, which must be presented to the Legislature no later than October 15 of each year. The expanded committee studies the proposed budget and must present amendments to the budget in a Budget Committee report no later than the first Tuesday of December of each year, in order that the full Legislature may subsequently consider the annual budget for the ensuing fiscal year.

Like the Legislature's other committees, meetings of the Finance and Management Committee are open to the public. To find out the date and time of the next meeting, please call (716) 858-7500.

Chairperson: Joseph C. Lorigo
Vice-Chair: Edward A. Rath, III
    Kevin R. Hardwick
    Barbara Miller-Williams 
    Peter J. Savage, III 

Clerk: Karen M. McCarthy