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Finance & Management Committee Agenda

Chairperson: Joseph C. Lorigo
Vice-Chair: Edward A. Rath, III
   Kevin R. Hardwick
   Barbara Miller-Williams
   Peter J. Savage, III
Clerk: Karen M. McCarthy


Finance & Management Committee - Agenda for Meeting #18 - December 8, 2016 - 11:00 AM

Item Number


Submitted By


1 Comm. 1D-9 EC Real Property Tax Services OPEN ITEM - Correction of Errors/NYS Real Property Tax Law
2 Comm. 25E-21 Comptroller  Contract Compliance Review of the Buffalo Urban League Contract for Preventive Services with the Department of Social Services for Period Jan-Dec 2014 
3 Intro. 2-3 Burke  Calling on the Erie County Stability Authority to Reduce in Size 
4 Comm. 4M-6 Associated Builders and Contractors Inc. Letter Regarding Project Labor Agreements
5 LL Intro. 3-1 Burke  A LL Entitled, “SPRAWL PREVENTION ACT” Otherwise Known as “MUNICIPAL AND REGIONAL INTERESTS ACT” for the Creation of an Erie County Planning Board 
6 Intro. 5-5  Lorigo  Tax Correction for East Aurora Senior Living Housing Development 
7 Comm. 7E-19  Lorigo  OPEN ITEM Risk Retention Fund Reporting 
8 Comm. 12M-5  Susan Looby   Response Letter to Chair Mills Regarding The Sheldon's Complaint Against Buffalo Urban League 
9 Comm. 17E-36 County Executive  Department of Social Services - 10-12 Fountain Plaza Lease Agreement 

LL Intro. 15-1 9/19/16


2016 Full Pay for Military Service: A LL Amending the Erie County Charter to Require Full Pay for Military Personnel on Leave

11 Comm. 18M-8 Susan Looby  Letter Regarding Buffalo Urban League 
12 Comm. 19E-15  Comptroller  Letter to Chief Financial Officer, ECMCC Regarding Request for Information Concerning ECMCC-IGT Payments and Analysis 
13 Comm. 19D-6  Commissioner, Department of Social Services    Letter Regarding Current Leasing Space for Social Services Offices 
14 Comm. 19D-7  Commissioner, Department of Social Services  Follow-up Information Regarding Current Leasing Space for Social Services Offices
15 Comm. 19D-8  County Attorney   2012 Report on the Use of Outside Counsel 
16 Comm. 20E-19  Comptroller  Risk Retention Report for Sept. 2016 
17 Comm. 21E-13 County Executive  Letter to County Executive Regarding Opposition to Resolution Requesting Loans from Erie County 
18 Comm. 21E-14 Comptroller  Bond Resolution for ECMCC Capital Projects 
19 Comm. 21E-15 County Executive  Intergovernmental Transfer Payments - ECMCC 
20 Comm. 21E-16 County Executive  Letter to Department Heads Regarding Space Utilization for Department of Social Services 
21 Comm. 21E-24 Comptroller   Department of Social Services - Cost Impact Analysis of Lease Options 10-12 Fountain Plz and 478 Main St 
22 Comm. 21E-26 Lorigo Letter to Hodgson Russ LLP Regarding Tax Cap and Sewer District Billing
23 Comm. 21D-5 Department of Environment & Planning  Completion of Environmental Review - ECMCC Emergency Department Modernization & Expansion 
24 Intro. 22-2 Lorigo  Addressing Issues with the NYS Tax Cap Legislation 
25 Comm. 22E-11 County Executive Surplus County Owned Properties Sold at Public Auction Oct. 13, 2016 
26 Comm. 22E-12 Comptroller  Comments on Proposed Erie County 2017 Budget
27 Comm. 22E-13 Comptroller  Report on Erie County's Real Property Tax Cap for Period 2015-2017 
28 Comm. 22D-3 Department of Budget & Management  Budget Monitoring Report for Period Ending Sept. 2016 
29 Comm. 22M-8 EC Medical Center Corporation  Follow-Up Information Regarding Capital Borrowing & IGT Payment 
30 Comm. 22M-9 Commerical Real Estate Services  Letter Regarding Leasing Space for Social Services Offices 
31  Comm. 22M-10  Ellicott Development  Information Regarding Leasing Space for Social Services Offices 
32 Comm. 23E-15 County Executive  Real Property Tax Services - Delegating Authority for Certain Real Property Tax Refunds and Correction of Tax Bills and Tax Rolls Under $2500.00 for the Year 2017 
33  Comm. 23E-16 Comptroller  2016 Revenue Anticipation Note & 2016 Bond Sale Notification 
34  Comm. 23E-17 Comptroller  Risk Retention Report for Oct. 2016 
35  Comm. 23E-27 County Executive  Levy & Apportionment of EC Real Property Tax for 2017 
36  Comm. 23E-28 County Executive  Real Property Tax Services - Section 520 Exempt Charges for 2017 
37  Comm. 23E-29 County Executive  Downtown Pedestrian/Transit Mall Special District - Adoption of Mall District Service Charge Roll for 2017 
38  Comm. 23D-9 Commissioner, Department of Social Services  Letter to Ellicott Development Regarding Leasing Space for Social Services Offices
39  Comm. 23D-10 County Attorney  Report Regarding Review of Use of Outside Counsel by the County Attorney 
40  Comm. 23D-11 Comptroller's Office  Follow-Up Letter Regarding Report on EC's Real Property Tax Cap 
41  Comm. 23M-3 Ellicott Development  Response Letter to County Executive Regarding Leasing Space for Social Services Offices 

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Erie County 2017 Budget Information

  • County Executive's Proposed Budget
  • County Legislature's Budget Hearing Schedule Nov. 1 - Nov. 3
  • Public Hearing, in the Legislative Chambers - Nov. 21, 6:00 PM
  • Annual Budget Meeting - Dec. 6


  • Meeting #1 - December 1, 2016 - Reconvened After Recess from November 1, 2016

Finance & Management Budget Committee - Agenda for Meeting #1 - December 1, 2016 - 11:00 AM

Item Number Reference Submitted By Description
Comm. 20E-9  Comptroller  Report on 2017 Revenue and Expense Projections 
2 Comm. 20E-13 County Executive  Proposed Erie County 2017 Budget















Foreclosure Pursuant to the In Rem Provisions of the EC Tax Act, In Rem Action No. 164