Finance & Management Committee Agenda

Chair: Joseph C. Lorigo

Vice-Chair: Kevin R. Hardwick


Ted B. Morton

Barbara Miller-Williams

Peter J. Savage, III

John J. Mills (Ex Officio)

Clerk: Karen M. McCarthy 


Agenda for Meeting #10 – TBA

Item Number Reference Submitted By Description
1 Comm. 7E-19  Lorigo Open Item - Risk Retention Fund Reporting
2 Comm. 3D-6 Real Property Tax Services Open Item - Correction of Errors/NYS Real Property Tax Law
3 Intro. 6-9 Miller-Williams Improving Service to Patients at Erie County Medical Center
4 Comm. 10E-16 Comptroller Performance Audit of EC Department of Personnel - The Family and Medical Leave Act for Year Ended Dec. 31, 2015
5 Comm. 11M-2 Lena A. Monaco & Deborah A. Ucci  Copy of Letter Regarding Part Time Employees of ECC Participation in CSEA Union 
6 Comm. 12E-18 Comptroller American Healthcare Act's Fiscal Impact on Erie County
7 LL Intro. 11-1  Mills  A LL of the County of Erie, Repealing the Wireless Communications Surcharge Authorized by Article Six of the County Law of the State of New York; and Imposing the Wireless Communications Surcharges Pursuant to the Authority of Tax Law Section 186-g 
8 Comm. 13E-24  County Executive  Department of Social Services - Lease Agreements - 10-12 Fountain Plaza and 460 Main St Properties 


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