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Government Affairs Committee Agenda


Agenda for Meeting #2 - February 5, 2015 - 10:30 AM

Item Number Reference Submitted By Description
1 Intro. 5-5 Burke Calling on Governor Cuomo to Increase State Funding to Higher Education and on the New York State Legislature to Grant Debt Relief to Students
2 LL Intro. 3-1 5/20/14 Burke, Savage & Miller-Williams Contractor Accountability Initiative of 2014
3 LL Intro. 4-1 6/12/14 Burke The Strategic Development Act for the Creation of an Erie County Planning Board
4 Intro. 12-4 Savage & Burke Urge New York State Legislature to Pass and the Governor to Sign S.6516, Authorizing Local Governments to Establish and Enforce Higher Levels of Minimum Wage
5 Intro. 15-8 Hardwick, Rath & Morton Limitation on the Number of Consecutive Terms to be Served by Erie County Legislators
6 Intro. 17-9 Burke Calling on the Irish Government to Study the Implications of a United Ireland and Expand the Rights of Duly Elected Northern MP's
7 Intro. 22-2 Savage, Grant, Miller-Williams, Burke & Loughran Supporting Executive Order Concerning Pay Equity Certification on County Contracts
8 LL Intro. 8-1 12/4/14 Miller-Williams, Grant, Savage, Loughran & Burke A LL, Amending Local Law No. 6-1987, Local Law No. 5-1994 and Local Law No. 9-2005 to Update Equal Employment Opportunity Goals for Minority Owned and Women Owned Enterprises
9 LL Intro. 1-1 1/29/15 Dixon & Lorigo  A LL Regulating Pawnbrokers, Second Hand Dealers, Jewelry, Precious Metals and Coin Exchange Dealers
10 Comm. 2E-27 County Executive Indigent Legal Services Grant 
11 Comm. 2D-11 County Attorney  Transmittal of New Claims Against Erie County