Government Affairs Committee Agenda

Chair: Kevin R. Hardwick

Vice-Chair: Lynne M. Dixon


Edward A. Rath, III

Thomas A. Loughran

Barbara Miller-Williams

John J. Mills (Ex Officio)

Clerk: Karen M. McCarthy


  • Meeting #1 - TBA

Agenda for Meeting #1 - TBA

Item Number Reference Submitted By Description
1 Intro. 2-4 Burke & Grant Support for Funding Buffalo School Nurses
2 LL Intro. 4-1  Burke Preventing Underground Tattoo Parlors: A LL to Increase the Ability of Law Enforcement to Prevent Illegal Tattooing
3 LL Intro. 6-1  Lorigo A LL Repealing the Erie County Code of Ethics Established by Local Law Number Ten of Nineteen Hundred Eighty-Nine as Amended by Erie County Local Law Number Four of Nineteen Hundred Ninety-Four and Erie County Local Law Number Four of Two Thousand and Fifteen, and Establishing a New Erie County Code of Ethics
4 Intro. 6-4 Grant & Burke Denouncing the Proposed Federal "Preserving Employee Wellness Programs Act
5 Intro. 6-5 Grant Voicing Concern About Installation of Vehicle Tracking "Starter Interrupt" Devices
6 Intro. 7-7  Loughran  Professional Credentials for the Position of Executive Director of the EC Water Authority 
7 Intro. 8-7 Miller-Williams & Burke Recording EC Legislature Sessions, Committee Meetings and Public Hearings via Contractor to Broadcast on the EC Website and Public Access Channels
8 LL Intro. 5-2 Burke Erie County Conversion Therapy Ban
9 Intro. 9-2 Loughran, Miller-Williams, Grant & Savage  Supporting the Office of National Drug Control Policy in the 2018 Budget and Beyond 
10 Intro. 10-5 Burke, Savage & Miller-Williams Saying No to a New York State Constitutional Convention on the 2017 Ballot
11 Intro. 11-2 Grant Urging the NYS Legislature to Pass Bill A4836 and Provide Private Employees the Right to Review Their Personnel File 
12 Intro. 12-3 Grant Opposition to Massive Federal Tax Cuts for Health Insurance Executives
13 Intro. 13-1 Burke Showing Support for the 21,000 AT&T Wireless Employees Represented by the Communication Workers of America Fighting for a New Union Contract 
14 Intro. 13-2  Burke  Calling on Albany to Stop Siding with Lobbyists and Allow Municipalities to Regulate Pesticide Usage 
15 Intro. 14-5 Burke  Reinstating the Fairness Doctrine in the Wake of President Trump's Concern with the Rise of "Fake News" 
16 Intro. 16-3 Miller-Williams Supporting Governor Cuomo's Legislation Amending the Criteria for Hate Crimes
17 Comm. 18E-9 Morton Letter to County Executive Regarding Proposed Made in America Act
18 Intro. 19-3 Miller-Williams Supporting the Restoration of the Parent Facilitator Program in Buffalo Public School District
19 Intro. 19-5 Burke Amendment to the Rules of Order of the Erie County Legislature
20 LL Intro. 22-1 Rath A LL Banning Individuals from Elected or Appointed Offices Who Commit Malfeasance or Misconduct in Office Rising to the Level of a Felony Conviction
21 Intro. 23-2 Burke Calling for the Establishment of the Erie County Broadband Network in Light of the FCC's Vote to Repeal Net Neutrality Provisions


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