Health & Human Services Committee Agenda

Chair: Lynne M. Dixon

Vice-Chair: Edward A. Rath, III


Joseph C. Lorigo

Betty Jean Grant

Barbara Miller-Williams

John J. Mills (Ex Officio)

Clerk: Karen M. McCarthy


Agenda for Meeting #13 – TBA

Item Number Reference Submitted By Description
1 Comm. 5E-24 Dixon Open Item - EC Opioid Epidemic Task Force Update
2 Intro. 3-4 Burke, Grant & Miller-Williams Ensuring Healthcare for All New Yorkers Through the New York Health Act
3 Intro. 7-8 Burke, Savage, Grant & Loughran Prioritizing Funding for the Opioid Epidemic in Buffalo & Erie County
4 Comm. 11D-5 Departments of Health & Mental Health  Memorandum Regarding Intro. 7-8 (2017) Proposed Appropriations 
5 LL Intro. 12-1  Lorigo A LL Requiring Disclosure of Origin and Composition of All Manufactured Parts in Surgically Implanted Dental Devices
6 Intro. 14-2 Miller-Williams Supporting H.R. 1143 "Hygiene Assistance for Families of Infants and Toddlers Act of 2017" in the US House of Representatives
7 Comm. 14E-1 County Executive Opioid Epidemic Response Programming - Authorization to Issue Contracts per RFP#1715VF


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