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Health & Human Services Committee Agenda


  • Meeting #1 - TBA

Agenda for Meeting #1 - TBA

Item Number Reference Submitted By Description
1 Intro. 12-6 Grant

Requesting that NYS Office of Children & Families Promulgate Rules & Regulations for Child Protection that Adequately Address Multi-Cultural Differences

2 Comm. 3M-7 Rural Outreach Center Proposal for Accessing County Services for the Rural Poor
3 Intro. 4-4 Miller-Williams, Burke & Grant Supporting NYS Legislation to Strengthen the CPS Interview Process of Children Suspected of Being Abused or Maltreated
4 Intro. 4-5 Miller-Williams, Grant & Burke Bringing the Family Court Act and the Social Services Law Up-to-Date
5 Intro. 5-7 Miller-Williams & Grant Supporting Legislation to Strengthen Staff Qualifications for Caseworkers and Supervisors in Child Protective Services
6 Intro. 19-1 Savage, Grant, Loughran, Miller-Williams & Burke Amend and Update County Law in Relation to the Regulation of Smoking in Erie County to Include E-Cigarettes
7 Comm. 19M-7 Mark J. Travers Remarks Regarding E-Cigarettes and Liquid Nicotine
8 Comm. 20M-6 Juicy Vapor LLC Supporting Materials Regarding E-Cigarettes and Vaping
9 LL Intro. 9-1 12/15/14 Savage, Grant & Loughran

A LL in Relation to the Regulation of Electronic Cigarettes ("E-Cigarettes")

10 Intro. 26-5 Dixon, Rath, Lorigo, Morton, Mills & Hardwick A Resolution to Require Department of Health to Create a Countywide Voluntary Database for Individuals with Chronic Conditions for Use in Emergency Situations
11 Comm. 26E-27 Grant County Dental Network Card Program