Minutes Mtg 1 - ECCC Advisory Board

Erie County Community Corrections Advisory Board

Erie County Community Corrections Advisory Board

Meeting 1 – February 15, 2011 – 1:30 PM



Members Present:

Karima Amin

William Burgin

Richard Carr

Anne Constantino

Charles Culhane

Michael Cummings

Nan Haynes

Robert Koch

Michael Kubik

Michael Lex

Eugene Pierce


Robert Lonski was absent


Also Present:

Thomas Kilpatrick – First Acting County Attorney as ex-officio member

Cheryl Green, County Executive’s appointee (appointment pending Legislature action)

Legislature Chair Barbara Miller-Williams

Legislature Majority Leader Maria R. Whyte

Legislature Minority Leader John J. Mills

Legislator Christina W. Bove

Legislator Daniel M. Kozub

Buffalo City Councilman David Rivera

Legislature Clerk Robert M. Graber

Lourdes Iglesias, Exec. Director Hispanics United of Buffalo

Kenneth Colon, Hispanics United of Buffalo


Meeting was called to Order by Legislature Chair Barbara Miller-Williams, who led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance


Chair Miller-Williams offered welcoming remarks


Public Safety Committee Chair, Legislator Christina W. Bove, offered welcoming remarks


Majority Leader Maria Whyte offered welcoming remarks


Minority Leader John Mills offered welcoming remarks


Chair Miller-Williams then asked each member of the Advisory Board to introduce themselves to the assembled group


Chair Miller-Williams then asked if any members of the audience would like to address the Advisory Board


Councilman David Rivera offered remarks detailing his time as a police officer and advocating for a member of the Hispanic community to be included on the Advisory Board


Lourdes Iglesias, Executive Director of Hispanics United of Buffalo also offered remarks commenting on the advocacy of a member of the Hispanic Community to be included as a part of the Advisory Board


Clerk of the Legislature Robert M. Graber then took the podium to conduct the election of officers


Rev. Eugene Pierce nominated Nan Haynes as Chair of the Advisory Board, Charles Culhane seconded the motion


Anne Constantino nominated Michael Cummings as Chair of the Advisory Board, William Burgin seconded the motion


Karima Amin made a motion to close the nominations, Richard Carr seconded the motion.  Motion to close nominations passed unanimously


A role call vote for the Chair of the Advisory Board was taken with the following votes:


Karima Amin  for Nan Haynes

William Burgin for Michael Cummings

Richard Carr for Michael Cummings

Anne Constantino for Michael Cummings

Charles Culhane for Nan Haynes

Michael Cummings for Michael Cummings

Nan Haynes for Nan Haynes

Robert Koch for Michael Cummings

Michael Kubik for Michael Cummings

Michael Lex for Michael Cummings

Eugene Pierce for Nan Haynes


Michael Cummings was elected Chair of the Advisory Board with a final vote of Haynes – 4, Cummings – 7


Karima Amin made a motion to nominate Rev. Eugene Pierce as the Vice-Chair of the Advisory Board, Nan Haynes seconded the nomination


Anne Constantino made a motion to close the nominations for Vice Chair of the Committee, Charles Culhane seconded the motion.  Motion to close nominations passed unanimously


Rev. Eugene Pierce was elected Vice-Chair of the Advisory Board unanimously


The Clerk then asked if there were any nominations for the position of Secretary of the Advisory Board.  Hearing none elections were declared completed


Each member of the Advisory Board then drew a piece of paper to determine the length of their term on the Advisory Board.  The terms selected are as follows:


Karima Amin  - 3 years

William Burgin - 2 years

Richard Carr - 2 years

Anne Constantino  - 3 years

Charles Culhane - 3 years

Michael Cummings  - 1 year

Nan Haynes  - 2 years

Robert Koch  - 2 years

Michael Kubik  - 1 year

Michael Lex  - 2 years

Eugene Pierce  - 1 year


Michael Cummings then took the podium to Chair the remainder of the meeting


Dr. Cummings opened up the discussion concerning the date of upcoming meetings of the Advisory Board


It was suggested by Charles Culhane that the Advisory Board meet every other week


Dr. Cummings suggested 2 weeks at the same time, Nan Haynes indicated she has a conflict at this time on Tuesdays


It was suggested that the Board meet at 9am on Tuesdays.  The next Tuesday when all Board members could be present was determined to be March 8th


It was then determined that the Board would meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays during March and April at 9am in the Legislature Chambers


The dates for the next meetings are:


Tuesday, March 8th – 9am

Tuesday, March 22nd – 9am

Tuesday, April 12th – 9am

Tuesday, April 26th – 9am


Chair Cummings then asked if there was any other business


Charles Culhane moved to make a motion to consider a recommendation to the Erie County Legislature that the membership of the Board be increased to 15 members, one member to be suggested to the Legislature by Hispanics United of Buffalo, the other to be suggested by a group to be determined at the next meeting of the Advisory Board on March 8th

Richard Carr seconded the Motion


A role call vote was taken:


Karima Amin - yes

William Burgin - no

Richard Carr - no

Anne Constantino - yes

Charles Culhane – yes

Michael Cummings - yes

Nan Haynes - yes

Robert Koch - no

Michael Kubik - no

Michael Lex - no

Eugene Pierce – yes


6 in favor, 5 opposed.  Discussion was held about whether the vote needed to have 7 to pass.  It was decided that the Legislature Parliamentarian should be consulted to determine if the motion passed or failed


Nan Haynes made a motion to formally invite Mr. Kenneth Colon of Hispanics United of Buffalo to attend the next meeting of the Advisory Board on March 8th.  Charles Culhane seconded the motion, Motion passed unanimously


Motion to Adjourn was made by Richard Carr, seconded by Anne Constantino






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