Minutes Mtg 11 - ECCC Advisory Board

  Erie County Community Corrections Advisory Board
Minutes Meeting 11 – November 1, 2011


Rev. Pierce called meeting to order at ­­­­­­1:08 and led the Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call:


Dr. Lavonne Ansari joined meeting at 1:12

Karima Amin

Johnny Cabrera

Richard Carr

Charles Culhane joined meeting at 1:12

Cheryl Green

Nan Haynes

Robert Koch

Michael Kubik

Rev. Pierce

Michael Lex joined meeting at 1:12



Dr. Michael Cummings

William Burgin

Anne Constantino

Barry Covert



Motion by Cheryl Green to amend from Meeting 10, second by Johnny Cabrera.  Motion carried.  Motion to approve minutes from meeting 10 as amended made by Cheryl Green, seconded by Johnny Cabrera, motion carried unanimously

Michael Kubik explained the Health intake forms that were distributed to everyone.

Dr. Lavonne Ansari, Michael Lex and Charles Culhane joined meeting at 1:12

Mr. Kubik explained the difference between the health screenings and mental health screenings.  Supt. Koch further explained

Explanation on follow up on screenings after inmates have been in facility

Question by Karima Amin on medications for inmates

Michael Kubik explained process for discovering what medications the inmate is currently prescribed prior to entering facility – confirmed that yes, patients receive medication within 24 hour period

Supt Koch expressed that the decision of the physician overrides. 

Cheryl Green read letters that Dr. Cummings drafted to send to Comptroller and Sheriff to request an update on commissary/telephone funds. 

Nan Haynes expressed that she believed the letters should say both Commissary and Telephone funds.

Rev. Pierce asked everyone to look at information that was handed out from Sheriff regarding accounting of Commissary and Telephone funds at mid-year

Rev. Pierce stated that he had been informed that the County should not benefit from monies generated from inmates through Commissary and telephone funds. 

Koch said that Commissary and Telephone Funds are separate funds.  Stated that there is a difference in what they must be used for, in other counties telephone funds go into general revenue

Nan Haynes referenced a 2007 document, Koch expressed that at that time they were mixed in one account – there was no distinction between the two pots of money

Nan Haynes suggested that if it is not directed by COC then Advisory Board could make recommendation that telephone funds be used in the same way as it is directed that Commissary funds be used for welfare and rehabilitation of inmates

Rev. Pierce said we need further clarification

Michael Kubik asked where Rev. Pierce’s definition of “welfare” with regards to Commissary funds as to make prisoner work ready comes from

Rev. Pierce said it comes from Correctional Practitioners.  Those involved in corrections and reentry

Rev. Pierce referenced Toolkit for Reentry that was provided to Board previously

Karima Amin asked for explanation of Property Storage in fund accounting

Supt Koch explained that it was to purchase bins so that inmates can store personal belongings in their cell and to keep them secure

Karima Amin asked about SAC program – Service Action Corps – groups that go into community to do work – this is for tools, supplies, etc…

Johnny Cabrera asked if cells at HC were wired for TV’s

Karima Amin asked if electronic message board was installed – Supt Koch said yes

Mr. Lex led discussion about substance abuse programs that have been cut and the need for these programs, Supt Koch added to discussion

Dr. Ansari asked about costs of programs being discussed

Supt Koch said he would reach out to those running programs currently

Michael Lex said he encouraged everyone to urge ECMC to keep substance abuse clinics open

Michael Lex pointed out that if the money is moved out of telephone fund then the Dept. might not be able to fund what is currently funded out of that program due to tax cap

Board suggested that letter be modified to include Telephone funds as well Commissary funds

Charles Culhane read a resolution he had drafted regarding the Commissary fund and telephone fund

Cheryl Green expressed her reservations about the accuracy of the resolution, Michael Lex agreed

Michael Kubik said we are not sure that telephone funds are supposed to be used as commissary funds. 

Richard Carr expressed concern that inquiring into telephone funds may encourage the County Executive to take the telephone funds and put them back into the General Fund as is done in other county and then they would not be available for programs listed

Nan Haynes asked to understand the mechanism for the telephone funds being moved to general fund

Cheryl Green explained – discussion followed

Question regarding Medical and Safety line – asked for detail

Charles Culhane expressed concern that a majority of the money was going to facility, vehicles, etc…

Karima Amin asked about newspapers – USA Today, Challenger in library, Artvoice

Rev. Pierce asked about revenues from electronic monitoring – Koch indicated it goes to general fund. 

Karima Amin asked about details on the latest suicide

Discussion followed

Rev. Pierce asked about having the next meeting at Alden.  Supt Koch said he indicated we could have 10 on the tour now. 

Next meeting will be at Alden facility












Motion to adjourn ____________, second by _________________


Meeting adjourned at 2:41










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