Minutes Mtg 6 - ECCC Advisory Board

ECCC Advisory Board

Meeting # June 7, 2011



Meeting was called to order by Chair Michael Cummings at 1:08 pm


Roll Call


In attendance:

Chair Michel Cummings

William Burgin

Richard Carr

Johnny Cabrera

Anne Constantino

Barry Nelson-Covert

Charles Culhane (joined meeting late)

Nan Haynes

Robert Koch

Michael Lex

Eugene Pierce

Cheryl Green (joined meeting late)



Karima Amin

Dr. Lavonne Ansari

Michael Kubik


Approval of Minutes for April 12



There was a discussion about correcting the minutes from meeting 4 regarding the posting of notices of meetings at the Library.


Ms. Haynes made a motion to amend the minute to read:


“library bulletin boards are available for posting of public notices of public interest” 


William Burgin seconded the  motion.


Motion carried unanimously.


Cheryl Green joined meeting at 1:13



There was further discussion on a correction of the meeting minutes for Meeting 4 regarding statements around the CLC’s recommendations regarding the gym at the holding center. 


Mr. Culhane joined the group at 1:30


Mr. Lex made a motion amend the minutes meeting 4 to include the following statement:

“Commission of Corrections does not object to the indoor gym being used as an additional recreation area – but the outdoor gym can be used.  There are additional issues which prohibit using the indoor area including financial and staffing issues. 


Ms. Green seconded the motion

Motion was approved unanimously


Mr. Lex moved to approve minutes from April 12 and May 3

Ms. Green seconded the motion

Motion carried unanimously


Chair welcomed new members to the committee


Asked for everyone to introduce themselves to the entire committee


Chair asked for discussion of bylaws


Ms Green said there was a request to modify bylaws regarding communications to the board.  Article 2 – “from public to interested parties”  Also changes regarding number on board and number needed for quorum.  Also supermajority to amend bylaws. 

Sec. 2 article 3 regarding terms of membership


Ms. Green stated it is the subcommittees intent to add statutory language with regards to open meetings law.


Ms. Green suggested tabling the bylaws until the additional language is added.    Clerk will amend and distribute electronically for vote at the next meeting


Chair asked for a discussion on the complaint form. 


Ms. Haynes asked for feedback


There was a discussion regarding what contact information would be included on the form. 


Ms. Constantino offered to re-format the complaint form to add details such as check boxes and possibly to create an online survey monkey for evaluation of completed forms.


Discussion about how forms would be distributed and how data would be collected. 


Mr. Cabrera asked if it would be available in Spanish? He volunteered to translate form into Spanish.


Chair pointed out the distribution of Elected Officials Toolkit on Jail Re-entry


Chair asked if there were any questions or comments on the Toolkit – there were none. 


Chair recognized Mr. Michael Szukala from the Comptroller’s office


Mr. Szukala indicated he was here to offer the services of the waste, fraud and abuse tip line that the Comptroller’s office maintains as well as the whistleblower email.  Stated that the website also features the form on website that does not require email address


Currently they occasionally get tips/complaints about Sheriff Dept. 


Mr. Szukala pointed out that it is routine for the tipline to get calls that has nothing to do with the County.  City, ECMCC, etc… should have a policy to deal with those calls that are unrelated.


Discussion about the use of the tipline, who would monitor the calls and how would the information be confidentially reported to the Advisory Board. 


There was then a discussion about the complaint process and grievance procedure at the Sheriff’s Department currently and if a tipline or complaint function would be a conflict or in addition to that process.


Mr. Koch left at 2:32


Ms. Constantino left at 2:35


Dr. Cummings – we need formal mechanism for complaints that the Board receives, as individuals or through the complaint form, etc..


Mr. Karr left at 2:40


Legislator Kozub suggested using the clergy at correctional facilities to gather grievances.


Rev. Pierce – many inmates have difficulty with written communications.  There is a grievance coordinator that the prisoners who complain have to face and they are often not willing to do that. 


Dr. Cummings suggested that the committee work further on Ms. Haynes form for communication with the Board then worry about how to make it available to those interested parties.  There is already a tip line in place – does that need to be a part of our Board process? 


Dr. Cummings will ask Ms. Constantino to be involved in this subcommittee.  Dr. Cummings will also be involved via email to polish the form.


Chair requested that the following items be included on the next Agenda:




How interested parties can communicate with board


What would board do with information when received


Rev. Pierce – made a motion to give all members of the board a hard copy of the minimum standards

Mr. Burgin seconded the motion

Motion was approved unanimously


Ms. Green made a motion to adjourn


Meeting adjourned at 2:56 pm



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