Minutes Mtg 9 - ECCC Advisory Board

Erie County Community Corrections Advisory Board - Minutes Meeting #9

September 6, 2011


Vice Chair Pierce called meeting to order at 1:05 and led the Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call:


Dr. Lavonne Ansari

Karima Amin (joined the meeting at 1:13)

William Burgin

Johnny Cabrera

Richard Carr

Anne Constantino

Barry Covert

Charles Culhane (joined the meeting at 1:25)

Cheryl Green

Nan Haynes

Robert Koch (joined the meeting at 1:09)

Rev. Eugene Pierce

Michael Lex


Dr. Michael Cummings

Michael Kubik


Terms for new members were drawn:

Cheryl Green – 1 year

Lavonne Ansari – 3 years

Johnny Cabrera – 1 year

Barry Covert – 3 years

Robert Koch joined the meeting

Rev. Pierce pointed out that the DOJ settlement documents had been included in the packet.  As it is 40 pages everyone was asked to read it and discuss at the next meeting

Nan Haynes said she would send additional documentation along to be emailed to all Board Members along with this DOJ settlement

Barry Covert asked if the members would like to plan a meeting to discuss this document before next month

Discussion of possibility of asking the Legislature to re-visit the role of the Advisory Board in regards to the DOJ settlement

Members were concerned that their schedules did not permit another meeting within a month, a conference call was suggested

Karima Amin joined the group

Cheryl Green offered using her office for a meeting, because she has conference call capabilities for those that cannot attend the meeting in person

Cheryl Green proposed 2 weeks from now for a meeting. Sept 20th at 3:00pm – 665 Main Street, across from Shea’s on third floor –- she will send to clerk a call in number for those that cannot make it in person

Under other business Nan Haynes brought up resolution regarding Ombudsman

Cheryl Green brought up concerns about the language with regards to the role of the Advisory Board and additionally wondered if this information was not already available for those who work for or with the County of Erie.

Ms. Haynes said she was concerned there was no one person who was a clearinghouse – or contact person for this information

Cheryl Green pointed out the reportable incidents from COC that she handed out

Charles Culhane joined the meeting

Anne Constantino asked what the current process for reporting grievances currently is at this time – asked how a citizen would get this information?

Robert Koch said by filing a FOIL request, Cheryl Green followed up saying she has asked Koch to compile a report that he is currently working on and will provide to the Board

Nan Haynes said she believed we need a broader base of information than just the County employees

Ms. Haynes would move to amend resolution to strike the eighth resolved clause

Second by Karima Amin

Passed 13-0

Discussion about the role of the Ombudsman – particularly in light of settlement agreement

Cheryl Green suggested to further amend the sixth clause to remove the word mediate and replace with word facilitate and seventh resolved clause to change mediation to settlement discussions

Moved by Nan Haynes

Second by Michael Lex

Passed 12-1 Mr. Koch voted in the negative

Motion to pass as Amended made by Nan Haynes, seconded by Anne Constantino

Passed 12-1 – Ms. Green voted in the negative

Johnny Cabrera asked if someone from the Sheriff’s Department could come to the next meeting to discuss current programs at both correctional facilities

Mr. Koch said he could address those issues

Dr. Ansari asked if they could also address what programs they thought could be improved that the Advisory Board could advocate for in its capacity

Cheryl Green brought up that we would need to go into executive session to allow an employee to speak freely about how improvements could be made

Mr Cabrera asked if there were any programs offered by the County vs. other groups

Mr. Koch said only work groups – but those services are offered in conjunction with groups such as Buffalo Schools, etc.

Anne Constantino said her organization is paid by the County to offer diversionary programs

Mr. Koch clarified that the organizations are funded by the County but are the groups running the programs

Mr. Culhane has a draft of a resolution regarding Commissary Funds

Rev. Pierce spoke of a meeting between the Coalition and the Sheriff regarding the Commissary Funds. 

Discussion about the use of the Commissary funds, the role of the Legislature and other elected officials regarding these funds

Mr. Culhane will email to clerk for dissemination to the Board

Add to agenda at October meeting

Robert Koch has a report on grievances filed

Announcement of meeting at UB – details will be sent to clerk for dissemination

Karima Amin handed out flyer for a community meeting

UB Law – Attica 40 – link on UB Reporter

Charles Culhane is there was any evidence of physical abuse regarding the young man who committed suicide – Mr. Koch responded in the negative

Motion to adjourn Michael Lex, second by William Burgin

Meeting adjourned at 2:12











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