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Public Information

Erie County Legislature Public Hearings

Public hearings conducted by the Erie County Legislature are held in the Legislative Chambers (unless otherwise noted) located at Old County Hall, 92 Franklin Street, 4th Floor in the City of Buffalo, New York.

Individuals wishing to speak may sign up at karen.mccarthy@erie.gov. Remarks and presentations from all speakers will be limited to 3 minutes.

Public Hearing Notice

Notice is hereby given that the Assessment Rolls for 2016 (2017 Levy) have been completed for Erie County Sewer District Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 and will be on file in the Office of the Division of Sewerage Management, Department of Environment & Planning, 95 Franklin Street, Buffalo, NY 14202, and open for public inspection during business hours on and after the first of October, 2016.

The County Legislature will hold a Public Hearing on the Assessment Rolls at 2:30 p.m., local time, on November 9, 2016, in the Chambers of the Erie County Legislature, 92 Franklin Street, 4th Floor, Buffalo, New York, to hear all persons interested in the subject, including any objections concerning the same.

Public Hearing Notice

PROPOSED MODIFICATION TO AGRICULTURAL DISTRICTS  -  Notice is hereby given that a public hearing will be held by the Legislature of the County of Erie, at the Grand Island Memorial Library located at 1715 Bedell Road in Grand Island, New York, 14072 on the 10th of November, 2016 at 6:00 PM, to consider the following requests for the inclusion of predominantly viable agricultural lands within existing agricultural districts that have been submitted in accordance with sec. 303-b of NYS Agricultural and Markets Law.

12657 North Rd. Alden Daniel Putler 79.16 108.00-1-27 1
0 Lenox Rd Collins Norbert Gabel Jr. 81.79 318.00-4-9.2 8
5095 Kaiser Rd. N. Collins Norbert Gabel Jr. 7.05 319.00-2-6.2 15
0 N. Central Concord Norbert Gabel Jr. 68.62 322.00-1-43.11 15
0 N. Central Springville Norbert Gabel Jr. 13.81 335.10-1-23 15
5101 Kaiser Rd. N. Collins Norbert & Rita Gabel 11.55 319.00-2-5.2 15
10060 Transit Rd. Amherst Fritz G. Lotter 24.24 29.01-2-5.1 17
10090 Transit Rd. Amherst Fritz G. Lotter 4.99 29.01-2-5.2 17

 And a significant amount of land within the Town of Grand Island totaling 384.27 acres representing 105 parcels.

 The hearing shall consider the requests and recommendations of the County Agricultural and Farmland Protection Board (AFPB). All applications submitted and the Erie County AFPB report to the Legislature on recommended parcel inclusions is available here.

 Erie County Budget Hearing Schedule

 Erie County 2017 Proposed Budget - Meeting and Budget Hearing Schedule is here.

Erie County Citizens' Budget Review Commission

Information regarding the Erie County Citizens' Budget Review Commission can be found here.

Erie County Board of Ethics

Information regarding the Erie County Board of Ethics can be found here. Audio from meetings is available here.


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Regulation on Reporting for Elected and Appointed Officials

Correctly reporting the number of days worked during a reporting period helps ensure the benefits your employees receive are accurate. But, since elected and appointed officials usually do not work a fixed schedule or have preset hours, determining the number of days they’ve worked requires a different process.

Without a standard work day, you cannot determine the correct number of days worked to report for an official. Since retirement benefits are based in part on service credit, correctly reporting the number of days these members work during a reporting period helps ensure the benefits they receive are accurate.

The Erie County Legislature establishes standard work days for your elected and appointed officials by adopting a resolution.

The Standard Work Day and Reporting Resolution must be adopted at the first regular meeting held after the first 180 days of taking office, or whenever a new elected or appointed office is established.  This resolution must be filed with the Office of the State Comptroller within 45 days of adoption.

Additionally, the resolution must be posted on the public website for at least 30 days; if there is a current resolution, view it here. (If "here" is an inactive link, then there is no current Standard Work Day Resolution to view.)