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Agenda for Session No. 25 - December 5, 2019
Roll Call  
Invocation    Mr. Johnson
Pledge of Allegiance    Mr. Loughran

Tabled Items   


Items for Reconsideration from Previous Meeting       

Minutes of Previous Meeting –  Meetings No. 23 & No. 24

Public Hearing      
Miscellaneous Resolutions:    
Submitted By Description      
BRUSO Honoring Johanna Coleman for Her Service to Lancaster
JOHNSON Honoring Cyrus Parks - US Navy Veteran and Cancer Survivor
MILLS Honoring EC Sheriff's Deputies John Dunn and Shane Miller for Receiving the Governor's Certificate of Exceptional Valor
MILLS Honoring Dennis Dains on His Retirement as Town of Concord Highway Superintendent

Proposed Local Laws:

Item Number Submitted By Description Reference

LL Intro. 3-1 3/13/18

Rath A LL banning individuals from holding elected offices or being appointed to certain boards or commissions who are convicted of certain felony charges Government Affairs 
LL Intro. 3-1 4/2/19 Lorigo A LL amending Local Law No. 1-1959, constituting the Erie County Charter, as amended, in relation to the regular enplanement of the Citizens Salary Review Government Affairs
LL Intro. 4-1 4/11/19 Lorigo, Dixon, Rath & Mills A LL Titled, "Amendment to the Erie County Code of Ethics" Government Affairs 
LL Intro. 5-1 4/16/19 Lorigo A LL Titled, "Internet Devices Privacy Act" Government Affairs 
LL Intro. 9-1 9/23/19 Lorigo A LL creating the Road and Infrastructure Specialist Advisory Board Government Affairs
LL Intro. 10-1 12/5/19 Meyers, Chimera, Hardwick, Johnson, Baskin, Bruso & Loughran A LL Titled, "The Erie County Solar Power Improvement Act of 2019"  
Committee Reports:      
Legislator Resolutions:      
Item Number Submitted By Description Reference
INTRO. 25-1 BASKIN Reappointment to the Erie County Agricultural and Farmland Protection Board  
INTRO. 25-2 LORIGO A Resolution to Increase State Support for Cornell Cooperative Extension County Associations in the State of New York  
INTRO. 25-3 MILLS & BRUSO Appointments to EC Soil & Water Conservation District  
Communications Discharged From Committee:  
Item Number From the Description Reference
COMM. 19E-15 FINANCE & MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE Authorization of Tax Repayment Agreement  
Suspension of the Rules:    
Item Number Submitted By Description Reference
INTRO. 25-4 BASKIN Selection of Firm to Conduct Annual Audit  
Communications from Elected Officials:    
Item Number Submitted By Description Reference

2020 Schedule of Legislative Sessions

COMM. 25E-2 LORIGO Abstention on COMM. 23E-2 (2019) RFP
COMM. 25E-3 RATH Abstention on COMM. 23E-4 (2019) RFP
COMM. 25E-4 COMPTROLLER Law Department Spending, October 2019 Government Affairs
COMM. 25E-5 COMPTROLLER Central Police Services Audit of Internal Controls for Aid to Crime Labs Grant Revenue, 7/1/18 through 6/30/19 Public Safety
COMM. 25E-6 COUNTY EXECUTIVE Employee Assistance Program Contract Authorization Government Affairs
COMM. 25E-7 COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Morgue Renovation - EC Medical Examiner's Office Economic Development
COMM. 25E-8 COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Structural Assessment & Repairs - Rath Building Economic Development
COMM. 25E-9 COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Locally Administered Federal Aid Bridge Preservation Project - Bridge Painting & Repairs - Towns of Aurora, Marilla & Village of Hamburg Economic Development
COMM. 25E-10 COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Contract & Retention for EC Home Parcel Survey Economic Development
COMM. 25E-11 COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Notice of Adoption - ECSD's 2019 Assessment Rolls (2020 Levy) Energy & Environment
COMM. 25E-12 COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Lead Hazard Reduction Program Grant Health & Human Services
COMM. 25E-13 COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Acceptance of Chronic Disease Self-Management Education Grant Health & Human Services
COMM. 25E-14 COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Acceptance of Health Foundation for Western & Central NY Grant Funding for Age-Friendly Center for Excellence Health & Human Services
COMM. 25E-15 COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Indigent Legal Services Grant Amendment - Counsel at First Appearance  Finance & Management
COMM. 25E-16 COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Indigent Legal Services Grant Amendment - Distribution 7 Finance & Management 
COMM. 25E-17 COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Authorization to Extend Contract for Indigent Legal Services Grant Funding - Distribution 5 Finance & Management 
COMM. 25E-18 COUNTY EXECUTIVE  2019 Poverty Initiative Grants Health & Human Services
COMM. 25E-19 COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Presidential Suite Museum - Buffalo & EC Main Library Community Enrichment
COMM. 25E-20 SHERIFF  Acceptance of Protective K9 Vest Public Safety
Communications from the Departments:    

Item Number

Submitted By


COMM. 25D-1 DEPUTY COMMISSIONER, DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENT & PLANNING Letter to Chair Baskin Concerning Reappointment to Erie County Agricultural and Farmland Protection Board R&F
Communications from the People and Other Agencies:  
Item Number Submitted By Description Reference
COMM. 25M-1 TOWN OF MARILLA Letter to Chair Baskin Requesting Reappointment to Erie County Agricultural and Farmland Protection Board R&F
COMM. 25M-2 BUFFALO BLUES BENEFIT FOR VETERANS FY2020 Erie County Budget - Public Hearing Testimony R&F
COMM. 25M-3 EC AUDIT COMMITTEE Annual Report for Year Ended 12-31-18 Finance & Management
Memorial Resolutions  








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