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Agenda for Session No. 2 - January 16, 2020
Roll Call  
Invocation    Ms. Chimera
Pledge of Allegiance    Mr. Rath

Tabled Items    

Items for Reconsideration from Previous Meeting       

Minutes of Previous Meetings –  Meeting No. 1

Public Hearing      
Miscellaneous Resolutions:    
Submitted By Description      
JOHNSON Honoring Herbert L. Bellamy, Jr. as the Erie County Legislature's Citizen of the Month for January 2020
CHIMERA Honoring Daniel J. Crangle, Former Town of Tonawanda Councilman, for His Dedicated Service to the People of the Town of Tonawanda
BASKIN & JOHNSON Remembering Mamie Lang Kirkland, Buffalo's Oldest Citizen
CHIMERA Remembering Hans G. Reif, Economist, Teacher and Decorated World War II Veteran
RATH Congratulating the Ellicott Creek Volunteer Fire Company on Their 75th Anniversary
GILMOUR Celebrating and Honoring Lackawanna High School Freshman Emily Rodriguez on Her Music Album and Release Party
GILMOUR Celebrating the 55th Anniversary of Ilio DiPaolo's Restaurant and Banquet Facility
MILLS Honoring Tom Kyle for 50 Years Active Duty with North Boston Fire Company
VINAL Celebrating and Honoring American Legion George F. Lamm Post #622 on Their 100th Anniversary
BASKIN Remembering Arthur “Art” J. Griffa, Respected and Honored Member of The YMCA and Omega Psi Phi Fraternity
RATH Honoring and Celebrating the Life of Lois Weinstein
BASKIN, LORIGO, MEYERS, RATH, VINAL, MILLS, JOHNSON, TODARO, HARDWICK, GILMOUR & CHIMERA Remembering the Life of Mark Croce and His Contributions to Western New York and His Community
BASKIN, LORIGO, MEYERS, RATH, VINAL, MILLS, JOHNSON, TODARO, HARDWICK, GILMOUR & CHIMERA Remembering the Life of Michael Capriotto and His Contributions to Western New York and His Community
MEYERS & TODARO Congratulating and Honoring Police Chief David Zack for His Dedicated Service with the Cheektowaga Police Department

Proposed Local Laws:

Item Number Submitted By Description Reference

LL Intro. 3-1 3/13/18

Rath A LL banning individuals from holding elected offices or being appointed to certain boards or commissions who are convicted of certain felony charges Government Affairs 
LL Intro. 3-1 4/2/19 Lorigo A LL amending Local Law No. 1-1959, constituting the Erie County Charter, as amended, in relation to the regular enplanement of the Citizens Salary Review Government Affairs
LL Intro. 4-1 4/11/19 Lorigo, Dixon, Rath & Mills A LL Titled, "Amendment to the Erie County Code of Ethics" Government Affairs 
LL Intro. 5-1 4/16/19 Lorigo A LL Titled, "Internet Devices Privacy Act" Government Affairs 
LL Intro. 9-1 9/23/19 Lorigo A LL creating the Road and Infrastructure Specialist Advisory Board Government Affairs
Committee Reports:      
Legislator Resolutions:      
Item Number Submitted By Description Reference
INTRO. 2-1 LORIGO, RATH, MILLS & TODARO Support to Reexamine the 2019 Bail Reform Laws  
Communications Discharged From Committee:  
Item Number From the Description Reference

COMM. 26E-7


COUNTY EXECUTIVE Buffalo Niagara Convention Center 2019 Franklin & Court Streets Betterment Project Agreement w/City of Buffalo  
Suspension of the Rules:    
Item Number Submitted By Description Reference
Communications from Elected Officials:    
Item Number Submitted By Description Reference
COMM. 2E-1 COMPTROLLER Report of Apportionment & Distribution of Net Collections from Sales Tax - 09/2019 - 11/2019 Finance & Management
COMM. 2E-2 COUNTY EXECUTIVE Appointment of EC Director of Workforce Development & Executive Director, Buffalo & EC Workforce Investment Board Economic Development 
COMM. 2E-3  RATH Letter to Chair Baskin Concerning Creation of a Permanent Fulltime SWAT Team in EC Public Safety
COMM. 2E-4 COMPTROLLER  Letter Regarding NYS Budget Deficit  Finance & Management 
COMM. 2E-5  SHERIFF  Requesting Authorization to Retire and Transfer K9 Public Safety 
COMM. 2E-6 SHERIFF SRO Agreement for North Collins Central School District Public Safety 
COMM. 2E-7 LORIGO Letter to Chair of HHS Committee Concerning RFP Proposal Process Health & Human Services 
COMM. 2E-8 COUNTY EXECUTIVE 2020 Capital Project Closing - Acceptance of Unbudgeted Revenues Finance & Management 
COMM. 2E-9 COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Selection of Household Hazardous Waste & Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator Contractor Energy & Environment 
COMM. 2E-10 COUNTY EXECUTIVE  2020 - 2024 Consolidated Plan & 2020 Annual Action Plan - Community Development Block Grant, Emergency Solutions & HOME Investment Partnership Programs Economic Development
COMM. 2E-11 COUNTY EXECUTIVE  ECSD No. 6 - Change Order - Well St. & Wilmuth Ave. Pumping Station Electrical Upgrade Energy & Environment
COMM. 2E-12 COUNTY EXECUTIVE  IMA for Federal-Aid Pedestrian Safety Action Plan Improvement Project - Towns of Amherst, Cheektowaga & Tonawanda Economic Development 
COMM. 2E-13 COUNTY EXECUTIVE  ECSD No. 3 - Engineer Term Contract Agreement Energy & Environment 
COMM. 2E-14 COUNTY EXECUTIVE  SUNY Erie City Campus - Burt Flickinger Athletic Center Pool Upgrades & Misc. Repairs Economic Development 
COMM. 2E-15 COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Appointments to EC Arts & Cultural Advisory Board Community Enrichment
COMM. 2E-16 COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Appointments to Youth Services Board Government Affairs
COMM. 2E-17 COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Appointments & Reappointments to EC Mental Hygiene Community Services Board Health & Human Services
COMM. 2E-18 COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Reappointment of Member to EC Board of Ethics Government Affairs 
COMM. 2E-19 COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Reappointment to EC Board of Health Health & Human Services 
COMM. 2E-20 COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Notification of Appointment of Acting Director of Equal Employment Opportunity Office Minority & Women Business Enterprise
COMM. 2E-21 COUNTY EXECUTIVE Appointment of Director of Real Property Tax Services Finance & Management
COMM. 2E-22 BASKIN 2020 Session Schedule - Invocation & Pledge Schedule RFP
COMM. 2E-23 MEYERS Lease Agreement for Legislative Office Space  
COMM. 2E-24 COUNTY EXECUTIVE Contract Extension - Aging by Design Planning Grant Health & Human Services
COMM. 2E-25 COUNTY CLERK Personnel Adjustments - Registrar Division Government Affairs
Communications from the Departments:    

Item Number

Submitted By


COMM. 2D-1 DIRECTOR OF REAL PROPERTY TAX SERVICES Open Item in Finance & Management Committee - Correction of Errors/NYS Real Property Tax Law Finance & Management
COMM. 2D-2 DEPARTMENT OF LAW Transmittal of New Claims Against Erie County Government Affairs 
COMM. 2D-3 LEG. CHIEF OF STAFF - MAJORITY CAUCUS Email & Correspondence Regarding Protection From Harm & Environmental Health & Safety Compliance  Public Safety
COMM. 2D-4 CLERK OF LEGISLATURE 2019 Certificates of Committee Attendance RFP
COMM. 2D-5 DEPT. OF SENIOR SERVICES Letter to Legislature Concerning Ruthie's Law Health & Human Services
COMM. 2D-6 OFFICE OF SHERIFF Monitoring Report for Period 10/1/2019 - 10/4/2019 Public Safety
Communications from the People and Other Agencies:  
Item Number Submitted By Description Reference
COMM. 2M-1 BUFFALO & EC PUBLIC LIBRARY Proposed Agenda for Meeting to be Held on 1/16/2020 Community Enrichment
Memorial Resolutions  






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