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Agenda for Session No. 20 - October 10, 2019
Roll Call  
Invocation    Mr. Bruso
Pledge of Allegiance    Mr. Mills

Tabled Items    

Items for Reconsideration from Previous Meeting       

Minutes of Previous Meetings –  Meeting No. 19

Public Hearing      
Miscellaneous Resolutions:    
Submitted By Description      
JOHNSON & BASKIN Congratulating Women's Pavilion Pan Am 2001 as the Recipient of the Uncrowned Queens Institute's Culture Keeper Award
BASKIN, BRUSO, JOHNSON, CHIMERA, HARDWICK, LOUGHRAN & MEYERS Honoring October 2 and 3, 2019 as "Western New York Construction Career Days"
JOHNSON & BASKIN Congratulating the Niagara Falls Chapter, The Links on Being Awarded and Recognized as a 2019 Culture Keeper
JOHNSON & BASKIN Congratulating Sheila Brown on Her Astonishing Career and for Being Named a 2019 Recipient of the Uncrowned Queens Institute's Culture Keeper Award
DIXON Recognizing and Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Robert Schmitt's Service to the Hy-View Fire Company
JOHNSON & BASKIN Celebrating and Honoring National Hispanic Heritage Month
MILLS Honoring and Remembering Peter J. Loretto for His Selfless Determination to Serve His Community
JOHNSON & BASKIN Congratulating  Juneteenth of Buffalo Inc. on Being Awarded and Recognized as a 2019 Culture Keeper
JOHNSON & BASKIN Recognizing and Congratulating Jesse Clipper American Legion Post 430 for Their Contributions to Our Country and on Their 100th Year Anniversary
JOHNSON Remembering Fern Elizabeth Jackson Beavers and Recognizing Her Praiseworthy Life, Love of Family and Friends, and Her Contributions to Our Community
JOHNSON & BASKIN Congratulating Eva M. Doyle on an Astonishing Career, on Her Contributions in Our Community, and Honoring Her for Being the Recipient of the 2019 Culture Keeper Award from the Uncrowned Queens Institute
HARDWICK Recognizing and Acknowledging the Outstanding Achievement of O'Connell & Company and Welcoming Them to the Town of Tonawanda

Proposed Local Laws:

Item Number Submitted By Description Reference
LL Intro. 20-1 11/1/17 Morton A LL Requiring that All County Contracts Include Provisions that Ensure Goods and Materials Purchased or Used Shall be Manufactured in New York Economic Development

LL Intro. 3-1 3/13/18

Rath A LL banning individuals from holding elected offices or being appointed to certain boards or commissions who are convicted of certain felony charges Government Affairs 
LL Intro. 3-1 4/2/19 Lorigo A LL amending Local Law No. 1-1959, constituting the Erie County Charter, as amended, in relation to the regular enplanement of the Citizens Salary Review Government Affairs
LL Intro. 4-1 4/11/19 Lorigo, Dixon, Rath & Mills A LL Titled, "Amendment to the Erie County Code of Ethics" Government Affairs 
LL Intro. 5-1 4/16/19 Lorigo A LL Titled, "Internet Devices Privacy Act" Government Affairs 
LL Intro. 9-1 9/23/19 Lorigo A LL creating the Road and Infrastructure Specialist Advisory Board Government Affairs
Committee Reports:      
Legislator Resolutions:      
Item Number Submitted By Description Reference
INTRO. 20-1 BASKIN Standard Work Day Resolution for Elected Official  
INTRO. 20-2 RATH & MILLS Support for State Laws Providing Tax Credit to Landowners who Provide Access to their Land for Use as Snowmobile Trails  
Communications Discharged From Committee:  
Item Number From the Description Reference

COMM. 19E-6


PUBLIC SAFETY COMMITTEE Reallocation from Division of Correctional Health 2019 Budget to Purchase Medical & Office Equipment  
COMM. 19E-7 FINANCE & MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE 2019 Revenue Anticipation Note Resolution  
Suspension of the Rules:    
Item Number Submitted By Description Reference
COMM. 20E-22 SHERIFF Recommendation to the EC Corrections Specialist Advisory Board  
COMM. 20E-23 COUNTY EXECUTIVE Assignment of Easements to Bethlehem Steel Redevelopment - Dona St., Lackawanna  
Communications from Elected Officials:    
Item Number Submitted By Description Reference
COMM. 20E-1 HARDWICK Request for Information from Western Regional Off-Track Betting Corporation Government Affairs
COMM. 20E-2 COMPTROLLER Report of Apportionment & Distribution of Net Collections from Sales Tax - 06/2019 - 08/2019 Finance & Management 
COMM. 20E-3 COUNTY EXECUTIVE 2020 Tentative EC Budget Finance & Management/Budget
COMM. 20E-4 SHERIFF Requesting Authorization to Accept FY2018 Tactical Team Grant Public Safety 
COMM. 20E-5 COUNTY CLERK Letter to Legislature Regarding EC Clerk's 2020 Budget Requests  Finance & Management
COMM. 20E-6 COUNTY EXECUTIVE Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety Improvement Project - Casey Rd., Amherst  
COMM. 20E-7 COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Appointments to the Buffalo & EC Public Library Board of Directors Community Enrichment
COMM. 20E-8 COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Legislative Acceptance of the EC Parks Master Plan Update Energy & Environment
COMM. 20E-9 COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Unified Court System - 2019-2020 Tenant Work Improvements Economic Development
COMM. 20E-10  COUNTY EXECUTIVE  DoHS & Emergency Services Fire Safety Division - Transfer of Funds Public Safety
COMM. 20E-11  COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Transfer of Homeland Security Vehicles Public Safety
COMM. 20E-12  COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Authorization to Accept Grant Funding for the FY18 Technical Rescue & Urban Search & Rescue Grant Public Safety
COMM. 20E-13  COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Authorization to Accept Grant Funding for the FY17 Hazmat Grant Public Safety
COMM. 20E-14 COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Authorization to Accept Grant Funding for the FY18 Critical Infrastructure Grant Public Safety
COMM. 20E-15  COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Authorization to Sign First Amendment of Intermunicipal Agreement for Establishment of the Lake Erie Watershed Protection Alliance Energy & Environment
COMM. 20E-16  COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Authorization to Extend Lease Agreement with ECIDA Economic Development
COMM. 20E-17  COUNTY EXECUTIVE  EC Court Building - Exterior Repair & Waterproofing Economic Development 
COMM. 20E-18  COUNTY EXECUTIVE  SUNY Erie Campus-Wide 2019 Solar Power Purchase Agreement Community Enrichment
COMM. 20E-19  COUNTY EXECUTIVE  SUNY Erie 2019 Replacement of Emergency Generators - Agreement Amendment  Community Enrichment
COMM. 20E-20  COUNTY EXECUTIVE  ECSD No. 3 - Southtowns Solids Handling Area Repairs - Bid Opening Energy & Environment
COMM. 20E-21  COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Authorization to Enter into Contract - Specialized Raise the Age Training for Probation Officers  
Communications from the Departments:    

Item Number

Submitted By


COMM. 20D-1 COMPTROLLER'S OFFICE Letter to EC Dept. of Mental Health Regarding Audit of Dept. - 07/18 - 12/2018 Health & Human Services
COMM. 20D-2 COMMISSIONERS, BOARD OF ELECTIONS Request to Accept Network Intrusion System  
COMM. 20D-3  DEPARTMENT OF LAW Transmittal of New Claims Against EC Government Affairs
COMM. 20D-4 DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENT & PLANNING 2019 Annual Report - EC Commits to Paris Energy & Environment
COMM. 20D-5 DEPARTMENT OF PROBATION  EC Conditional Release Program Public Safety
Communications from the People and Other Agencies:  
Item Number Submitted By Description Reference
COMM. 20M-1 NYSDEC Invitation for Public Comment - Brownfield Cleanup Program at 65 Lake Avenue LLC, Lancaster Energy & Environment
COMM. 20M-2 MINORITY & WOMEN BUSINESS ENTERPRISES UTILIZATION ADVISORY BOARD Meeting Minutes for Meeting Held on 7/29/2019 Minority & Women Business Enterprise
COMM. 20M-3 EMILY A. BENFER Additional Information Regarding Health & Human Services Committee Meeting - 10/3/19 Health & Human Services
COMM. 20M-4 MELINDA S. CAMERON, MD & DENNIS Z. KUO, MD Additional Information Regarding Health & Human Services Committee Meeting - 10/3/19 Health & Human Services
COMM. 20M-5 NFTA NFTA Board Minutes for Meeting Held on 7/25/2019 Economic Development
COMM. 20M-6 ROBERT M. CIESIELSKI Letter to Legislature Concerning Projects in EC Involving Wind, Solar & Hydro Energy Energy & Environment
COMM. 20M-7 RUPP BAASE PFALZGRAF CUNNINGHAM LLC. Copy of Letter to US DOJ Regarding United States v. Tonawanda Coke Corp. Government Affairs
Memorial Resolutions  








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