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Session Agendas & Minutes - 2014

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Agenda for Session 26 - December 18, 2014 - 2:00 PM

Roll Call

Invocation – Ms. Miller-Williams

Pledge of Allegiance – Mr. Savage

Tabled Items -  Report No. 1                       Finance & Management/Budget Committee

Items for Reconsideration from Previous Meeting - None

Minutes of Previous Meeting

-  Meeting 23 - November 25, 2014

- Meeting 24 - December 2, 2014

- Meeting 25 - December 4, 2014

Public Hearing - None

Miscellaneous Resolutions:


Submitted By Description
Loughran Congratulating Dr. Drucy Dorowitz on 25 Years of Excellence at the Women and Children's Hospital of Buffalo, New York
Mills, Lorigo, Dixon, Hardwick, Morton, Rath & Burke Recognizing NYSAC's 90 Years of Dedicated Service to New York Counties
Mills Congratulating Karl Lux, Village of Springville Superintendent of Public Works, on His Retirement, After 22 Years of Outstanding Service
Mills Congratulating Annette Gernatt as the Erie County Legislature's Citizen of the Month for December 2014
Miller-Williams Honoring Mr. Luther Walker Jr. as the Erie County Legislature's Citizen of the Month for January 2015

Local Laws:


Item Submitted By Description Reference

LL Intro. 1-1

McCracken, Grant, Mazur, Marinelli, Loughran & Hogues A LL to Establish "An Animal Abuse Registry in EC" Energy & Environment

LL Intro. 3-1 5/20/14

Burke, Savage & Miller-Williams Contractor Accountability Initiative of 2014 Government Affairs

LL Intro. 4-1 6/12/14

Burke The Strategic Development Act for the Creation of an Erie County Planning Board Economic Development

LL Intro. 5-1 6/26/14

Hardwick Provide Predictable Funding for the Buffalo & Erie County Library Finance & Management

LL Intro. 7-1 7/24/14

Miller-Williams Establishment of an Erie County Conditional Release Commission Public Safety

LL Intro. 8-1 12/4/14

Miller-Williams, Grant, Savage, Loughran & Burke A LL, Amending Local Law No. 6-1987, Local Law No. 5-1994 and Local Law No. 9-2005 to Update Equal Employment Opportunity Goals for Minority Owned and Women Owned Enterprises Government Affairs

LL Intro. 9-1 12/15/14


A LL in Relation to the Regulation of Electronic Cigarettes ("E-Cigarettes")


Committee Reports:

Report No. 14                                        Community Enrichment Committee

Report No. 15                                        Economic Development Committee

Report No. 16                                        Energy & Environment Committee

Report No. 15                                        Finance & Management

Report No. 15                                        Government Affairs Committee

Report No. 15                                        Health & Human Services Committee

Report No. 4                                          Minority & Women Business Enterprise

Report No. 16                                        Public Safety Committee


Legislator Resolutions:


Item Number Submitted By Description Reference
Intro. 26-1 Mills & Grant Erie County Audit Committee Appointment  
Intro. 26-2 Mills & Morton Reappointment of Daniel Henry to the EC Agricultural and Farmland Protection Board  
Intro. 26-3 Morton Erie County Support for the Practice of Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return  
Intro. 26-4 Mills 2014 Standard Work Day for Appointed Officials for Retirement Reporting Purposes  
Intro. 26-5 Dixon, Rath, Lorigo, Morton, Mills & Hardwick A Resolution to Require Department of Health to Create a Countywide Voluntary Database for Individuals with Chronic Conditions for Use in Emergency Situations  
Intro. 26-6 Dixon, Lorigo, Hardwick, Morton, Rath & Mills Support for S. 2930, the Clay Hunt SAV Act  
Intro. 26-7 Grant Electronic Backpack in Foster Care  

Communications Discharged From Committee:

From the Energy & Environment Committee:

COMM 25E-16           EC Sewer Districts - Notice of Adoption of 2014 Assessment Rolls (2015 Levy)

Suspension of the Rules:

Item Number Submitted By Description Reference
Comm. 26E-28 County Executive November 2014 Winter "Knife" Snow Storm - County of Erie Asset Damage Assessment - A/E Consultants  
Comm. 26D-7 Clerk of the Legislature Letters of Support for Intro. 26-3 Erie County Support for the Practice of Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return  

Communications from Elected Officials:

Item Number Submitted By Description Reference
Comm. 26E-1 County Executive Intermunicipal Agreement to Establish the Lake Erie Watershed Protection Alliance  
Comm. 26E-2 County Executive Upgrades to Gasboy Fueling System Project  
Comm. 26E-3 County Executive Hamburg Highway Maintenance Facility - 2014 Heating System Improvements  
Comm. 26E-4 County Executive EC Highways - 2014 - Hamburg and Collins Facilities Roof Repair and Replacement Project  
Comm. 26E-5 County Executive EC Highways - 2014 - Tonawanda Salt Storage Building Repairs and Roof Replacement Project  
Comm. 26E-6 County Executive Extension of Qualified Empire Zone Enterprise Refund/Credit Program  
Comm. 26E-7 County Executive Authorization to Accept Grant Funding and Enter into Contract with Veterans One-Stop Center of WNY for Peer-to-Peer Veterans Counseling Program  
Comm. 26E-8 District Attorney STOP Violence Against Women Grant  
Comm. 26E-9 District Attorney BESAFE Grant  
Comm. 26E-10 County Executive Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Grant Award  
Comm. 26E-11 County Executive Authorization to Accept Grant Funding and Award Contract - Breastfeeding  
Comm. 26E-12 County Executive Creation of Pilot Partnership with Buffalo Car Share and the Salvation Army Congregate Dining Site  
Comm. 26E-13 County Executive Department of Probation - Utilizing Forfeiture Funds for Equipment Replacement  
Comm. 26E-14 County Executive EC Holding Center - 2014 - Exterior Sealant Restoration  
Comm. 26E-15 County Executive EC Holding Center and EC Correctional Facility - 2014 - Various Alterations  
Comm. 26E-16 County Executive Consulting Services to Consolidate Existing Police/Fire/EMS Software  
Comm. 26E-17 Sheriff School Resource Officer for Gowanda CSD  
Comm. 26E-18 Sheriff K9 Transfer of Ownership  
Comm. 26E-19 Sheriff Authorization to Change Positions for the Human Traffic Grant  
Comm. 26E-20 Sheriff Authorization to Accept Gifts  
Comm. 26E-21 Mills 2015 Schedule of Legislative Sessions Receive, File & Print
Comm. 26E-22 Savage Abstention on Comm. 22M-7 vote in Energy & Environment Committee Receive, File & Print
Comm. 26E-23 County Executive 2015 Erie County Budget, as Amended Receive, File & Print
Comm. 26E-24 Miller-Williams Letter of Support to Buffalo Common Council for Dedicating a Room in Honor of the Life of Mr. Moody W. Pugh Jr Community Enrichment
Comm. 26E-25 County Executive EC Sewer District No. 3 - Rush Creek Interceptor, Blasdell Milestrip Wet Weather Relief Pumping Station and Force Main Project Energy & Environment
Comm. 26E-26 County Executive 2015-2018 Revised EC Four Year Financial Plan Finance & Management
Comm. 26E-27 Grant County Dental Network Card Program Health & Human Services

Communications from the Departments:

Item Number Submitted By Description Reference
Comm. 26D-1 Commissioner, Department of Social Services Comm.12E-34 Compliance Report - November - CPS Caseloads Receive & File
Comm. 26D-2 Commissioner, Department of Environment & Planning National Award for Bethlehem Rail Project Presented to the ECIDA and Department of Environment and Planning Economic Development
Comm. 26D-3 Department Of Budget and Management Budget Monitoring Report for Period Ending October 2014 Finance & Management
Comm. 26D-4 Commissioner, Department of Environment & Planning 2014 Cultural Agreement - German American Musicians Association Inc Failure to Comply Finance & Management
Comm. 26D-5 Clerk of the Legislature 2015 Budget Accountability Notifications Finance & Management
Comm. 26D-6 County Attorney Transmittal of New Claims Against Erie County  

Communications from the People and Other Agencies:

Item Number Submitted By Description Reference
Comm. 26M-1 Buffalo & EC Public Library Letters of Support for Funding of the Library System Receive & File
Comm. 26M-2 Nickel City Opera Support for Art and Cultural Funding Receive & File
Comm. 26M-3 NYS Department Of Environmental Conservation Cleanup Action Completed at Brownfield Site, Webster Block, 75 Main Street, Buffalo Energy & Environment
Comm. 26M-4 NYS Department Of Environmental Conservation Cleanup Action Completed At Brownfield Site, 822 Seneca Street, Buffalo Energy & Environment
Comm. 26M-5 NYS Department Of Environmental Conservation NYSDEC Modifies Cleanup Plan For State Superfund Site, 100 Forest Avenue, Buffalo Energy & Environment
Comm. 26M-6 EC Bridge & Road Infrastructure Maintenance Advisory Board Minutes from Meeting No. 1 - Oct 21, 2014 Economic Development
Comm. 26M-7 Erie Tobacco Asset Securitization Corporation 2015 Budget Report Finance & Management


Memorial Resolutions