Eplan Instructions - Tier II Reporting Erie Co. LEPC

If you are a First Responder and need access to the system. Our Authorizing Agent will be needed in your application, please see your Police, Fire, EMS Chief and ask them to contact the LEPC or Erie County Emergency Services.

Erie County has worked directly with UT Dallas, creator of Eplan to provide additional user Instructions. If you are a company filing Tier II Reports on Eplan, please note below are some hints. Some fields and screens are self explanatory. Occasionally there will be a glitch in the system. We are not the creators and recommend you may have to contact Univ. of Texas at Dallas Eplan office via the email link at the bottom of the page, they are usually very responsive or at (972)883-2631.

  • You can enter the data through www.erplan.net.
  • Training available at: http://eplannews.utdallas.edu/Training.htm
  • You must click the button Validate Record before First Responders can view your data online.
  • Erie County and the Fire Department are accepting this as filing for 2007 and all future reporting is required online at www.erplan.net. Reports due within 60 days of 311/312 reportable quantity on site and as of March 1st each year.
  • Records: We also recommend printing the PDF of the Tier II Document that arrives to the registered email. Please check it, have the appropriate person in your facility sign it and keep documentation in your file for future compliance reviews by agencies such as the EPA.
  • Please notify ePlan if you initiate a record that you do not complete and it should be deleted from the system. Using the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page

NY State accepts Reference
Revised, January 28, 2009

August 29, 2011 Release:

Tier II Reporting update:  Nearly all paper reports in Erie County can now be referenced by Emergency Responders online at www.erplan.net  Please register for an account if you are a current First Responder in a position that could need this data for Pre-planning or Emergency Response.  The State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) recommends this system for all companies.  Erie County LEPC has made this the standard  as of March 1, 2010.

EPA Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Fact Sheet
To be clear, the legislation calls for chemicals that have any hazard, such as those that require an MSDS to be reported at 10,000 lbs of chemical stored on site or for (EHS) Extremely Hazardous Substances at 500 pounds or the Threshold Planning Quantity, whichever is less.

 EPA List of Lists

The "List of Lists" is the commonly used name of the Consolidated List of Chemicals Subject to the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) and Section 112(r) of the Clean Air Act (CAA) and has been recently updated as of July 2011.

The List of Lists was prepared to help firms handling chemicals determine whether they need to submit reports under sections 302, 304, or 313 of EPCRA and, for a specific chemical, what reports may need to be submitted.

It also helps firms determine whether they will be subject to accident prevention regulations under CAA section 112(r).

To obtain the latest copy you may download an Adobe PDF or Microsoft Excel version from the EPA.

Stay tuned for a date, EPA has offered to host a training session on EPCRA for business on what to report and how in Erie County, NY.

contact: eclepc@gmail.com 


Phone: (716) 858-3928

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