Public Information Committee

Chairman, Rob Puntillo

The Public Information Committee (PIC) is the outreach arm of the Erie County LEPC. The PIC is responsible for informing the general public about the LEPC and what their mission is. This is accomplished by educating the population of Erie County on the Community Right-To-Know Act and SARA Title III through seminars and guest speakers as well as by distribution of an LEPC brochure developed and updated by the Public Information Committee.

In addition, the PIC has been instrumental in development of the Internet Web Page and is also responsible for maintaining the update of the site.

See recent article, "Erie County LEPC Bridges the Gap by Holding a Public/Private Partnership Seminar and Publishing a Full Color Brochure" for update on Public Information Committee activities.

Planning Committee

Chairman, Dennis Carson

The LEPC Planning Committee meets on a regular basis to plan all exercises required by the Erie County Comprehensive Emergency Plan and the Hazardous Materials Response Annex of that Plan. Exercises from Tabletop to Functional to Full Scale are organized and carried out by the Planning Committee. The Planning Committee is also responsible for updating and revising the Emergency Plan on a Bi-Annual basis for submission to the New York State Emergency Response Commission.


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