Lorigo responds to county officials’ attempt to withhold public information regarding Convention Center study

Earlier this month, Erie County Legislature Minority Leader Joe Lorigo submitted a FOIL request to the Department of Environment and Planning for information on the administration’s study for potential new Convention Center sites. That request can be viewed here. This request was made after the Administration asked for additional funding to amend the scope of the study, which would have brought the total to $215,000. The item has stalled in committee because Legislators on all sides of the aisle have requested additional information.  Officials from the County Department of Environment and Planning have repeatedly refused to tell Legislators what locations were being considered, despite knowing the sites themselves.


Recently, the administration responded to Legislator Lorigo’s FOIL request without providing any details. Additionally, they state their intention to redact information and charge a per-page fee to the Legislature for any documents released moving forward.


As Legislator Lorigo’s letter points out, the administration is blatantly refusing to be transparent with the Legislature while requesting Legislative approval for additional taxpayer money.  The Legislature cannot properly make a decision without having all of the necessary information.


Their letter is here, as well as Legislator Lorigo’s subsequent response.

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