Legislator Mazur Supports Poloncarz Reinstating Rodent Control Program

            Erie County Legislature Majority Leader Thomas J. Mazur (D-Cheektowaga, Buffalo) joined County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz announcing the re-establishment of the county’s rodent control outreach program March 14.

            The County Legislature approved funding the rodent control program, advocated by County Executive Poloncarz and Legislature Democrats, in the 2012 budget, after the previous administration had eliminated it.

            “This is a program restoration that is overdue; it should have been done from day one,” Legislator Mazur said. “Because of the actions of the previous administration, we have to re-educate our population on ways to prevent rodent infestation all over again. If we work together collectively, we can get this done. “

            Legislator Mazur, the chair of the County Legislature’s Health and Human Services Committee, is also pleased that the Town of Cheektowaga is considering going to the garbage tote system again.

            “We need to do everything to prevent rodent populations from forming or growing in Buffalo, Cheektowaga and the rest of Erie County, and if rodents are present, to reduce and control them,” Legislator Mazur added. “The Erie County Department of Health will be staffed with qualified professionals who will help reduce this problem. The County Legislature Democratic Majority and County Executive Poloncarz worked together on rodent control, and we welcome continued cooperation with his administration.”

            The return of the rodent control program started Thursday, March 15, and people with rodent control concerns can call the Erie County Department of Health at 961-6800.