Description of Housing Programs

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Descriptions of Housing Programs

Supportive (Non-Licensed) Housing:

Supported/Supportive Housing Programs (SHP) – these programs operate scattered site apartments selected by and leased by the consumers themselves. The SHP programs provide rental payment assistance and supportive services. Staff provide services designed to assist consumers to obtain or refine skills necessary for more independent living and increased self-sufficiency. Staff generally meet with the consumer two or more times per month depending on individual consumer needs. Consumers are expected to develop individual goals which focus on living more independently. The typical length of stay is 3-4 years. Referrals are coordinated through the Centralized Housing Placement System and the Erie County Housing Coordinator. OMH funded SHPs require verification of significant impairment in functioning due to a mental disability. HUD funded SHPs also require verification of homelessness at the time of admission. The Erie County Housing Coordinator is responsible for agency assignment. The SHP providers include Transitional Services, Inc., Living Opportunities of DePaul, Lake Shore Behavioral Health, Spectrum Human Services, Horizon Human Services, Southern Tier Environments for Living, Housing Options Made Easy, Buffalo Federation of Neighborhood Centers, Cazenovia Recovery Systems, Restoration Society, and WNY Veteran's Housing Coalition.

Licensed Housing

Supervised Community Residences - SCR & SOCR are congregate care facilities (group homes) which house 8 to 24 residents 18 years of age or older. These Programs are considered transitional and rehabilitative in nature, as the resident's goal is to move to a less restrictive living environment within 24 months. Bedrooms are often shared but some programs have single bedrooms. Residents participate in the upkeep of the house which includes meal planning and preparation. Recreation activities are provided. Some group homes include an attached training apartment (TSI) for residents ready to test independent living skills. Staff is on site 24/7. SCR services are provided by The Buffalo Federation of Neighborhood Centers, DePaul Community Services, Southern Tier Environments for Living, Transitional Services, Inc., CMI and the Olmstead (SOCR)* and Pathways Residences (SOCR).*State Operated Community Residence (BPC)

Supervised Senior Community Residences - SSCR operate the same as Supervised Community Residences but are for consumers who are 55 years of age or older. Residences are encouraged to identify independent living goals but there is less emphasis placed on moving to an apartment. SSCR are provided by Greenwood Residences (all single bedrooms), Southern Tier Living Environments and Transitional Services, Inc.

Treatment/Supervised Apartments - TSA provide transitional housing in shared one, two and three bedroom apartments in the community. The apartments are either located at a single site which has staff on site 24/7 or scattered site apartments which staff visit from 3 to 7 days each week and are on call for emergencies 24/7. Staff provide services designed to assist residents obtain or refine skills necessary for independent living. Cash allowances for groceries and clothing are provided by some programs. Residents are expected to develop individual goals which focus on living more independently. The typical length of stay is 18 to 24 months. TSA housing services are provided by The Buffalo Federation of Neighborhood Centers, DePaul Community Services, Southern Tier Environments for Living, CMI and Transitional Services, Inc.

MICA Housing - MICA – are Group Home and Treatment Apartment Programs capable of providing specialized staffing and services for consumers who are diagnosed with an addictions disorder as well as a psychiatric disability. MICA Group Homes are operated by Transitional Services, Inc. and the Waterfront Residence (BPC). Transitional Services, Inc. also operates a 10 bed supervised apartment program for MICA. Single bedrooms are available.

Young Adult Housing - YAH is a group home and supported housing program providing specialized services for individuals 18 to 21 years of age who are transitioning from Residential Treatment Facilities or congregate living environments for adolescents. Services are similar to other group settings. There is staffing capacity to provide more intensive services for individuals participating in the supported housing component of the program. YAH services are provided by Transitional Services, Inc.

Residential Care Centers for Adults - RCCA offers congregate care support facilities for transitional and extended stays for up to 101 residents. While it is anticipated that, over time, residents will move to more independent housing, there is no set time for completing the program. RCCA's are designed to work with individuals who need more focused ADL skills training and other rehabilitative services. Staff is on site 24/7, and nursing staff is available 5 days a week. The RCCA is operated by BPC.

Family Care - FC provides housing for up to four adults with an unrelated family in the community. Providers offer support, furnished rooms, meals, companionship and security. The host family also provides 24-hour supervision, laundry, housekeeping and medication management services. The Family Care Program is operated by BPC.

Single Room Occupancy - SRO's provide housing that is specifically designed to offer permanent housing in a service-enriched setting. These programs are intended to provide housing and services for individuals capable of living independently. A social service team provides services on-site which includes case management, interactive groups, activities, medication management, money management and vocational linkage. SRO housing is provided by DePaul Community Services.

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