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Personalized Recovery Oriented Services (PROS)

PROS is a complete recovery program that brings rehabilitation, support and clinic services together into one plan that supports your ambitions and your hopes. PROS services are broken down into four categories of services. The Individualized Recovery Plan keeps everyone working in the same direction - towards your goals.


Community Rehabilitation and Support Services (CRS)

CRS Services are designed to help you restore the skills and supports necessary to find and maintain wellness.

Some examples of these services are:

  • Designing a wellness plan that will assist you in your recovery, assessing your vocational interests, Budgeting & Financial Management

Intensive Rehabilitation (IR)

IR Services help you to attain specific life roles such as returning to school, getting into independent housing and getting a job.

Some examples of IR services are:

  • Designing a plan that will help you to return to school, developing a resume so you can get a job & relapse prevention planning.

Ongoing Rehabilitation & Support (ORS)

ORS are services that will help you as you join and maintain a place in the integrated and competitive workplace. To quality for this service, you will need to work for at least 15 hours per week.

Some examples of this service are:

  • Vocational counseling, advocacy and support that will help you while you are in your job.

Clinical Treatment

Not all PROS providers will offer clinical services as part of their PROS, but all will work with your clinical team to assure that your services are coordinated and everyone is working towards your goals.

If your PROS provider offers clinical services, some examples of the services are:

  • Health assessment, medication management, blood work with lab consultation and clinical counseling

Individualized Recovery Plan

This is the plan that you develop with your supports that details how you will reach your goals. It focuses on who will help and what community resources and professional resources will help you along the way. In some areas of NY, you will have more than one PROS to choose from. If you are getting different services from more than one PROS, there is one IRP that integrates the services provided by each program.

A few key points of the Individualized Recovery Plan (IRP) are:

  • All decisions about your IRP are made in true partnership between you and PROS staff.
  • The entire plan focuses on your life goals, as you state them.
  • When you sign your IRP, you are saying that you were an equal partner in the creation of the plan.