Legislator Miller-Williams Welcomes the Honorable Sheila Jackson Lee, Guest of Honor for Alpha Kappa Alpha, Xi Epsilon Omega Chapter's Founders Day Event

Legislator Miller-Williams welcomes Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority sister, the Honorable Sheila Jackson Lee, U.S. Representative of the 18th District of Texas, to Buffalo as the Guest of Honr for the Alpha Kappa Alpha, Xi Epsilon Chapter's Founders Day event. Representative Jackson Lee is a standout sister of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and a vocal and influential voice in Washington D.C. who continually stands up for the American people by protecting our Constitutional rights and ensuring the dignity of every citizen.

As a senior member of the House Committees on the Judiciary and Homeland Security and a newly appointed member of the Budget Committee, Representative Jackson Lee is an empowered Congresswoman who has been able to effectively influence policy and make a strong name for herself and her constituents on Capitol Hill. As a sister of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Representative Jackson Lee has led her life and centered her career as a public servant around the sorority’s goals of advocating for social change, using it as a conduit to support and bring forth policy that protects and ensures the equality and rights of all citizens. Representative Sheila Jackson Lee has taken up the torch to fulfill the mission and cause of Alpha Kappa Alpha, and through her everlasting sisterhood with the Sorority has worked tirelessly to promote human rights, the health and well-being of all of mankind, and the education of each citizen for them to be a productive member of society. 

Legislator Miller-Williams calls for future generations of African American women to be molded and guided by the mission and ideals of Alpha Kappa Alpha, and may they look to the sisterhood and Representative Jackson Lee for inspiration as they search for the best way to be of service to all mankind. 

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