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Ethics Board

Jeannine Morlacci, Chairperson- term expires 12/31/2020

Nicholas Abraham, Vice Chair- term expires 12/31/2017

Mary Nanni- term expires 12/31/2016

Allison Massaro- term expires 12/31/2016

Colleen Salmon- term expires 12/31/2017

Wallace Smith- term expires 12/31/2017

Joan Summe- term expires 12/31/2020


In 2013 the Town Board established and created the first Ethics Board for the Town of Newstead.  The function of this Board is to hear  complaints made against town employees and officials concerning violation of the Towns Code of Ethics Law and make a determination whether a violation of the Ethics Law occurred. Complaints should be submitted in written form to the attention of the Ethics Board Chairperson at the Town Hall. The written complaint should specifically state the section of the Ethics Law that has been violated and the specific details of the charges being alleged.