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     Brian McLaughlin, Commissioner
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    Phone: (716) 858-8200
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The Probation Department has provided over a century of service to the residents of Erie County. Our mission is to provide community protection, reduce crime by lowering recidivism rates, to hold offenders accountable for their actions and to compensate and restore victims. Our department is also responsible for providing timely and accurate information to the various upper and lower criminal courts in Erie County and Family Court

These tasks are accomplished through the development of comprehensive presentence investigations, the utilization of professional casework techniques and practices that monitor, motivate and rehabilitate and correct the behavior patterns of the offender.

Probation is the single most used criminal punishment in the United States today. Probation is an alternative to incarceration which permits offenders to live and work in the community, support their families, receive rehabilitative services and make restitution to victims. It is one of the most cost efficient sanctions in the criminal justice system.

In Erie County, the Probation Department is divided into Adult and Juvenile components. The Juvenile Division prepares investigations for Family Court, supervises juveniles placed on probation and administers the PINS program. Please click on the tab above for more information on the PINS program and other special programs in the Juvenile Probation.

In the Adult division, generalist caseloads are augmented by several specialty caseloads. Erie County Probation has a specialized unit to supervise Felony DWI Offenders. A Sex Offender unit was developed to oversee defendants who are sentenced to probation as registerable offenders. Domestic Violence is a serious community and family problem and a specific unit was designed to work with the complexities of these cases and offenders. Project Impact is a grant sponsored program which allows probation officers to work more closely with young adults convicted of weapons charges. The Intensive Supervision program provides probation services to offenders who would likely face incarceration but are sentenced to community correction.

The Erie County Probation Department oversees several Alternative to Incarceration Programs. The Release Under Supervision program saves taxpayers the costs of detaining offenders in the county holding center. The Probation Department also operates Community Service Sentencing and Pretrial Services. These are proven programs that save the community resources and allow offenders to remain employed and with their families.

The Erie County Probation Department has a dedicated well trained staff to professionally deliver services to victims, the community and offenders.


Department Highlights

Probation Is Fighting to End Gun Violence

The Erie County Probation Department is sending a message that Black lives matter and that gun violence must end. As part of the Gun Involved Violence Elimination (GIVE) program, two veteran probation officers are making home visits to identified gang members and their families.

Weapons Confiscated from Probationer's Home

On Friday, Probation Officers Phillips and Getter made a home call regarding a volatile offender in suspected possession of guns/weapons. Upon search of the offender’s address, an AK-47 & a double-barrel shotgun were discovered, along with 3 large boxes of ammunition. Cheektowaga Police responded to the scene, confiscated the guns and charged the offender with criminal contempt. Great job PO Phillips & PO Getter in keeping the community safe. On behalf of all, thank you!

1/9/15 - Probation Offices Closed to the Public

The Family Court building is closed to the public today, Friday, 1/9/15. If you had an appointment scheduled with your Probation Officer, please contact them to reschedule.

County Government Delayed 1/9/15

Today, Friday, January 9th, the Probation Department will open at 10:30AM.

Over 1000 Warrants Served

As of Friday, the Probation Department has served over 1000 warrants since 2009. It is a milestone that could not have been achieved without the great efforts of our dedicated Probation Officers. Thank you to our P.O.’s for your diligence and collaboration in achieving this great accomplishment.

Home Visit Seizure and Apprehension

These were among the weapons seized by Probation Officers Knight and McCabe during a recent home call. Also discovered were hypodermic needles, drug paraphernalia, and a marijuana grow operation.

HV Seizure

Probation Department Assists CPS

Twenty-five Probation Officers with social services casework experience are now assisting the Child Protection Services Department in their effort to reduce its backlog of cases.

DWI Award

Probation Supervisor recognized for commitment to DWI Supervision...

Erie County Probation Awarded NYS Grant For ATI Program

$317,897 Award for Model Alternatives to Incarceration Program; Helps to Reduce Jail Overcrowding, Provide Supervision & Intensive Services Read More

Probation Awarded $317,897 Grant

The Department has been awarded a grant of $317,897 by NYS to fund a model Alternatives to Incarceration Program. This program entails providing intensive supervision and intensive services to defendants who would otherwise be incarcerated in the Erie County Holding Center awaiting trial.

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