What if my child (under 17) is arrested?

When a Law Enforcement Officer arrests youth under the age of 17, they will be taken to the Detention office at the Family Court Building, 1 Niagara Plaza during business hours for intake processing.  If apprehended after business hours the youth will be brought to the Secure Facility for assessment and processing.

  1. Youth will be assessed to determine if appropriate for release with an Appearance Ticket, Southwest Keys Community Monitoring and appropriate community based services.
  2. The youth may be detained in the secure facility to be transported to Family Court the following business day to appear in Family Court regarding his/her charges.
  3. Parents/Guardians are contacted when an arrest occurs.
  4. Youth arrested after hours, if not eligible for release, will be detained at the secure facility and transported to the Family Court Building for proceedings the following business day.


  • Information: (716)858-8200
  • Administration: (716)858-8205
  • Cashier: (716)858-8223
  • PINS Inquires: (716)858-8349
  • Employment Program: (716)858-8706
  • Victim Advocate: (716)858-6402
  • Tipline: (716) 858-2800

To report illegal or inappropriate behavior by someone on probation, please call (716) 858-2800 or email probationtipline@erie.gov. Your call will remain anonymous.



Phone: (716) 858-8200
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