Legislator Rath joins residents to survey damage on Shisler Road in the Town of Clarence

Friday morning, Erie County Legislator Ed Rath joined residents who live along Shisler Road in the Town of Clarence to get a closer look at the road’s deteriorating condition.

As seen in the photos, Shisler Road is lined with cracks and potholes, creating significant danger for both drivers and pedestrians. Legislator Rath recently sent a letter to the administration to advocate for repairs, specifically strip paving to be done before the cold weather arrives.

“I’m disappointed the administration has not made Shisler Road a priority,” said Legislator Rath. “Residents along the road and people who travel through on a daily basis deserve better. I have requested a timeline for repair and hope it will be accomplished soon before the freeze-thaw cycle worsens its condition.”

A copy of the letter follows here:


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