Village DPW
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E-waste Yes/ No: 
E-waste info: 
Electronic Waste Address: 
Village DPW, 13395 Railroad St.
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Household Hazardous Waste: 
No village event. Attend spring Erie County events.
Yard Waste: 
All brush up to 4 inches in diameter should be placed at curbside on collection day, butt end to the street. Brush, shrubs and trees roots must be separated from items being placed out for collection. Brush, shrubs and tree roots, which can be picked up by hand can be placed out for collection at the same time in a separate pile. Brush, shrubs and tree roots which cannot be picked up by hand will not be picked up. Brush will be picked up on the first Monday of the month, unless the first Monday of the month falls on a holiday. Grass clippings, lawn rakings, small garden plants, twigs and roots shall be placed in containers at curbside for collection on Mondays (unless it is a holiday, if that is the case, it will be Tuesday) until leaf collection begins. At that time collection will be on a continuous rotation throughout the village. Leaves should be placed on a pile in a row at curbside - not in the street. Collection will take place in the fall as weather permits.
Bulk Collection: 
Large bulk items such as: appliances, mattress springs, furniture, etc. will be picked up twice per year; once in the spring and once in the fall; dates to be announced. Each household unit is limited to 1,000 pounds of bulky waste per pickup.