Modern Disposal Service, Inc.
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1042 North Forest Rd.
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Household Hazardous Waste: 
Annual May Erie County event is in Amherst.
Yard Waste: 
Each year from April 1st through November 30th your yard waste will be collected separately on your designated collection day and transported to the Town Compost Facility. All yard waste must be placed within five feet of the curb, but not in the street. It must be separate from the garbage and trash as well as lumber. Material must be placed in containers with two manufactured handles, such as garbage cans or bushel baskets with the covers removed, or in paper yard waste bags. Branches and shrub trimmings up to six inches in diameter should be cut into easily handled lengths, no greater than four feet even if placed in cans or securely bundled with biodegradable material, not to exceed 60 pounds. If bundled, please use biodegradable material. Large volume branches, logs, and stumps larger than six inches in diameter will be picked up by the Town Highway Department during Spring Clean-up only.
Bulk Collection: 
All white goods and miscellaneous metal items, basketball poles (Metal portion only), will be picked up by Modern Disposal Corp. each week by appointment only. Please call 1-800-330-7107. Metal items, including pipes, -should not exceed 8 feet in length, and should not be placed in containers. Gutters should be folded or cut and securely bundled, not to exceed 8 feet in length. These items must be placed at the curb, separate from garbage. Doors must be removed from refrigerators and freezers. Bulky Items, such as furniture, mattresses and box springs must be placed at the curb with garbage. No more then eight (8) items can be placed out per week in addition to garbage tote(s).