Just Mail It

Help keep $1.5 million dollars of your hard earned tax dollars right here in Erie County!
“Just Mail It” using our postage-paid, signature green envelope or go to any of the Erie County Auto Bureaus to help keep 12.5% of your auto registration renewal here. When you mail it directly to Albany or renew it online with NYS DMV, Erie County taxpayers get 0%.


Keep your Hard Earned Money in Erie County

Here's How...

Step 1
Enter your name and address to request your renewal envelope below

Step 2
The Erie County Clerk’s Office will send you a green, pre-addressed postage-paid envelope to use for your renewal.

Step 3
1). Sign the certification on the back of your renewal application.
2). Fill in your inspection number on the back of renewal form.
3). Enclose a check or money order payable to: Erie County Clerk
use the postage-paid green envelope and mail to the Erie County Auto Bureau, instead of Albany.

Your New Registration and Sticker will be mailed to you.

* Does not apply to boats, trailers, watercraft and motorcycles


Thank you for choosing to Renew Local and help to keep vital revenue here in Erie County.

Erie County Clerk' s Office

Erie County Clerk's Office  92 Franklin Street, Suite 1  Buffalo, NY 14202-9949