Leg. Peter Savage & D.A. John Flynn

The Lawmaker Has Submitted a Resolution Asking New York State to Amend the Burglary Law to Include Car Break-Ins.


Erie County Legislator Peter J. Savage, III announces that he has submitted a resolution to his colleagues in the Legislature calling on New York State to pass legislation allowing for “car pops” to be prosecuted as Felony Burglaries.

New York State law currently limits prosecutions for burglary to homes or buildings, leaving lesser charges such as misdemeanor larceny for car break-ins and no real consequences.

“These crimes are a major quality of life issue throughout Erie County,” says Legislator Savage. “Not only is property being stolen, but there is often expensive vehicle damage left behind, as well as a violation of privacy and an overall unsafe feeling in our neighborhoods.”

According to the Erie County District Attorney’s Office, there were 3801 reported car break-ins in the City of Buffalo over the last two years and 147 arrests. Of those arrested, thirteen individuals were repeat offenders with one defendant arrested as many as 8 times.

Legislator Savage believes the stiffer penalties from a Felony Burglary charge would be a better deterrent.

“We need to stop the revolving door of justice on these cases,” says Erie County District Attorney John J. Flynn.  “We are open to new tools to help reduce the recidivism rate.”

Several other states, including Florida and nearby New Jersey and Ohio have instituted similar legislation to include motor vehicles in its definition of burglary.

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