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  • Review detailed information about every Medicare and Medicaid-certified nursing home in Erie County, including the overall rating based on health inspection, staffing, and quality measure ratings, on our Safer Senior Homes website.

    January 19, 2018 4:37pm
  • Living Healthy Workshops

    Register for upcoming Living Healthy workshops!

    There are new sessions of both Diabetes Self-Management classes and Chronic Disease Self-Management classes. 

    *New for 2018! The Diabetes Program includes a FREE Consultation with a Registered Dietitian prior to the 1st workshop for eligible Medicare Recipients.

    January 19, 2018 2:41pm
  • The Erie County Department of Senior Services maintains and updates all year the Benefit Checklist, which is a terrific guideline of financial programs for seniors and disabled people.

    January 16, 2018 9:48am

It's difficult and often impossible to surf the internet, read a newspaper or magazine, watch TV or listen to the radio, without hearing about the great benefits of some new supplement or exercise routine that promises to relieve illnesses that have plagued mankind since the beginning of recorded history. All this information can be overwhelming.  What we really need is simple, straight-forward advice from people like us who we can trust.

The Stay Fit team at Erie County Senior Services is answering the call for easy to understand, reliable, health information that is designed specifically for seniors. The “Mr. Fitness Active Aging” video series will provide you with tips that will help you achieve your goals of enhanced health and wellbeing.

The host of the series is Stay Fit’s Richard Derwald, better known in area senior centers as “Mr. Fitness.” At 81 years old, Richard is an incredible role model, and understands the challenges of maintaining health and vitality as one gets older. In addition to sharing words of wisdom, simple exercises and inspiration, Richard will be joined by special guests to help deliver health information you can trust. Guests will include physicians, dietitians, and experts in the area of chronic diseases and preventing illness. There may even be folks just like you joining Richard to tell their personal self-improvement and survival success stories which are sure to inspire and offer proof that you are never too old to exercise.


"What is a Healthy Diet?" 

"Good Health Doesn't Come in a Bottle"

"Inflammation and Chronic Disease (Part 1)"

"Anti-Inflammatory Diet (Part 2)"

"Diet and Aging"

"Fall Prevention"

"Fall Prevention: Bicycle Exercise"

"Fall Prevention: Abduction and Adduction"

"Fall Prevention: Leg Exercises for Legs and Core"

"Fall Prevention: Toe Raise Exercise"


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