WNY Alzheimer's Caregiver Partnership


The Western New York Alzheimer’s Caregiver Partnership grant was launched in early 2016, funded by a grant through the New York State Department of Health.

The mission of this partnership is to reduce burnout, improve quality of life for caregivers looking after a loved one with dementia, and to fill the growing need for caregiver relief in our communities. The vision is to have resources in the community so that caregivers receive the support they need before they’re in crisis. WNYACP provides episodic respite relief for caregivers to enable them to take care of themselves. Caregivers can use these episodic respite services for doctor visits, or if they need a medical procedure requiring a hospital stay. This also applies even if the caregiver needs a day or two to themselves to relax and re-charge, spend some time with friends, go on a trip, or to just step out of the caregiving role.

This is an inter-agency partnership between Catholic Charities of Buffalo, the Alzheimer’s Association of WNY and Offices of the Aging in Western New York. Ann Marie Doetterl is the Regional Director of the WNYAC Partnership Grant at Catholic Charities of Buffalo.

Grant monies provided by the NYS Department of Health, and administered through the WNY Alzheimer's Caregiver Partnership, fund and/or supplement the following:

  • Person Centered Care Consultation and Needs Assessment
  • Caregiver Support Groups
  • Powerful Tools for Caregiver education courses
  • Dementia Specific Caregiver education courses
  • Episodic Respite in a Social or Medical Day Program

Case manager testimonial:

"A spouse reached out to us regarding her husband who's dementia had greatly progressed. He couldn't be left alone, and
required constant care.
She brought her husband wherever she went since she couldn't afford full-time care.
Caregiver case management through the WNYAC grant provided 
the caregiver with episodic daycare funding
at a nearby adult day program. Also, she has been linked with proper agencies that will be able to 
provide permanent
funding for her spouse to attend a day program twice a week as long as it is needed. The caregiver was very thankful for
the financial
assistance for supervised care, and can run errands without worries."

  • Planned Overnight Respite Assistance
  • In-Home Companion Services
  • Transportation to/from programs, doctor's appointments, events
  • Joint-Enrichment events and programs

WNYAC Joint Enrichment | Winter Concert 1/25/17


Photo: Winter Concert for caregivers and their loved ones with dementia at The Greenfields in Lancaster.
High Noon performed for the guests while they enjoyed refreshments.
Caregiver case managers were also on available to answer questions.







To contact WNYAC Partnership for more information regarding services, contact 716-858-8526 (NY Connects). More information is available on the website, www.wnyacp.org

If you are interested in free training and skill-building offered through the WNYAC Partnership, contact the volunteer coordinator at (716) 896-6388 ext. 226.


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