Chief Alan Rozansky is awarded the Judge's and Police Conference Police Officer of the Year Law Enforcement Excellence Award

Modified: May 3, 2017 10:11am


Chief Rozansky praised for his commitment to public safety, his diligence in the war on drugs and other quality/safety of life issues. 

Sheriff Timothy B. Howard announces that Chief Alan Rozansky, a 45 year veteran of the Erie County Sheriff’s Office, has been awarded the Judge's and Police Conference Law Enforcement Excellence Award.  

Chief Rozansky rose through the ranks at the Sheriff’s Office, serving as a Detective, a Senior Detective and now Chief of Narcotics.  During his long career, he has worked in our Holding Center, provided security for the court system, patrolled our county roadways and investigated general and specialized cases involving narcotics trafficking and serial homicides, including the Bike Path Rapist case. His duties are expansive and include overseeing our agency’s dedicated involvement in the the Human Trafficking Trask Force, the NYS Cigarette Task Force, the NYS Gun Involved Violence Elimination Program (GIVE), the DEA Task Force, the FBI Safe Streets Task Force (violent street gangs) and he is the driving force behind the Pawnbroker and Secondhand Dealer Enforcement Unit, designed to aid local law enforcement in the recovery of stolen goods.

Sheriff Howard said “Chief Rozansky’s exemplary wealth of knowledge, his passion for protecting our citizenry and ensuring justice for all victims serves to make Erie County a better and safer place to live. Throughout his career, Chief Rozansky has been a highly influential leader to those under his command and those who have had the privilege of working with him; inspiring his public safety colleagues to demand the very best from themselves and their peers”.