Inmate & Visitor Arrested For Narcotics Smuggling Ring at Holding Center

Modified: April 6, 2016 9:27am


Buffalo, NY – Erie County Sheriff Timothy B. Howard reports the Narcotics Unit and the Jail Management Intelligence Unit collaborated on a lengthy investigation that culminated in the arrest of two individuals for conspiring to smuggle Suboxone into the holding center using the U.S. Mail.

The investigation began after a civilian employee discovered a quantity of Suboxone strips in a letter addressed to an inmate.  Investigators took possession of the contraband and a lengthy investigation was initiated.  The units, working together, identified Rebecca Smith and inmate Gerald Kwasniewski as the lead individuals attempting to smuggle the contraband.

Members of the Narcotics Unit arrested Smith, 43 of Buffalo, at the holding center’s visitor waiting area and then arrested inmate Kwasniewski, 35 of Buffalo.  Both subjects were charged with a felony count of introducing dangerous contraband into a prison and a misdemeanor count of conspiracy.

Kwasniewski is currently in the holding center for charges from Hamburg, Buffalo and Lackawanna police departments and Smith is held at the Erie County Holding Center pending her arraignment in Buffalo City Court.