Intox Driver Wedges Vehicle Between House And Tree

Modified: November 6, 2017 11:08am


Operator Drove on Rim Leaving Long Trail of Scrape Marks in the Pavement 

Buffalo, NY – Erie County Sheriff Timothy B. Howard reports Deputy Farina responded to a crash on South Protection Road in Holland November 3, around 7 P.M.  Dispatchers transmitted that a car crashed into a house and the operator was attempting to leave the scene. 

When Deputy Farina arrived, he observed a small SUV, with significant frontend damage, wedged between a tree and the dwelling.  He approached the vehicle and requested the driver turn off the engine and exit the vehicle.  Katherine Duzic, 27 of Cheektowaga, exited and showed signs of intoxication and the Deputy administered standard field sobriety test.  Subsequent to failing the field tests and recording a BAC nearly twice the legal limit, Dudzic was arrested and charged with DWI, criminal mischief – causing property damage greater than $250.00, and four separate vehicle and traffic law violations. 

Dudzic’s vehicle had a flat tire and was operating on the rim.  Scrape marks on the pavement indicated she traveled along Olean Road, Vermont Street, Vermont Hill Road then to South Protection Road.  Deputies followed the marks in the pavement and discovered another crash along the path.  The Sheriff’s crash unit is still investigating the incidents, and Dudzic may face additional charges. 

The house sustained foundation damage. 

She was later released to a sober third party with appearance tickets