Weekend Inmate in Custody

Modified: June 14, 2016 11:27am


Buffalo, NY – Jail Management Division Superintendent Thomas Diina reports John L. Drake Jr. is in custody of the Erie County Sheriff’s Office following his release from weekend confinement Sunday evening.


Drake was remanded to the custody of the holding center for weekends following a criminal contempt conviction in February.  After Drake was processed and released on June 12, it was later determined that he was to be held further due to additional detainers.


Superintendent Thomas Diina stated, “The staff of the holding center clearly violated several established and strict policies and procedure for inmate releases.  The sheriff’s office Professional Standard Division was contacted immediately following the incident and it initiated a full internal investigation.  Both civilian and sworn staff members will be interviewed during PSD’s investigation and pending the conclusion of the investigation, any necessary disciplinary actions will be taken.”


The defendant will remain at the holding center until a court hearing later this week.