Rath Patrol Unit

Deputies provide daily law enforcement activities for over 4,000 county employees throughout several county buildings in downtown Buffalo. These buildings include the Erie County Rath Building at 95 Franklin Street, HEAP and Social Services offices at 478 Main Street, Social Services offices at 290 Main Street, and at 43 Court Street.

Rath Building

The "Rath Patrol" responds to trouble calls from any county department within four downtown buildings.  The majority of the calls are generated from the Department of Social Services offices located in all 4 buildings. Daily activities include responding to a wide range of calls and maintaining an overall secure atmosphere for employees and visitors of the buildings.  The Rath Patrol responded to 4724 complaints in 2014, and issued 1366 parking tickets.

2014 Statistics:

Rath Patrol 2014
Arrests 154
Assist citizens  277
Crowd Control 396
Disorderly person calls      511
Fights 21
First aid calls 77
Parking tickets issued 1366
Petit larceny instances 16
Disturbances 53
Total calls 4724