2017 Community Resource Guide for Erie County Summer Primetime!

Modified: June 23, 2017 1:52pm

Annual Summer Primetime programming in Erie County is once again heating up for the warmer months, with six-to-eight week programs taking place at 65 local nonprofit organizations across the County.


The Erie County Youth Services division believes strongly in providing opportunities for all young people in our community to thrive and succeed. One way in which Youth Services works toward this goal is by supporting these agencies and programs throughout the County which offer positive youth development programs. Youth development programs serve to provide enriching opportunities for youth to learn, grow and interact with caring and positive adults. Youth development programs have been shown to reduce juvenile delinquency and create better educational, social and economic outcomes for youth.


Erie County's Commitment to positive youth development extends to these summer months to keep youth engaged in fun, enriching and educational programs during the summer that are critical to their success during the school year.


Click Here to view the 2017 Erie County Summer Primetime Community Resource Guide. This guide provides information on the 65 summer youth programs located throughout Erie County. Program descriptions, eligibility and contact information is included for each program listed. The guide is meant to assist families in learning about and accessing programs to meet their individual needs. Please have a happy, healthy and safe summer!


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