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HEAP - Applying For Benefits


All Information Effective October 1, 2011

  REGULAR HEAP: Opens November 16, 2011 for assistance with
                        main source of heat 

  • Gas and Electric benefits appear as a credit on bill about 60 days after approval 
  • Oil, propane, wood, coal, etc. benefits produce an immediate delivery of fuel totaling benefit amount
  • DO NOT need a shut off notice to get Regular HEAP
  • If there is a shutoff notice, a 30 day hold is put on account
  • Client will not be shut off during that 30 days and utility company will not seek collection for that portion of their total bill. Clients may make arrangements or pay company the difference or seek Emergency HEAP if another shut off notice is issued
  • There is NO resource test for Regular HEAP, HEAP will not examine household’s savings or checking accounts etc.
  • Regular Benefits range from $20-$500
  • Must have shut off notice or low fuel supply to apply & exhausted Regular HEAP
  • Benefits for main source of heat AND/OR with “heat related” electricity
    • 1 Emergency benefit currently available for Heat
    • 1 Emergency benefit currently available for heat related Electric
  • Emergency Benefits range from $160-$600
  • HH may have no more than $2000 (or $3000 for a Senior Citizen HH) available liquid resources ($$ in savings, checking,  stocks, bonds, CDs, IRAs, 401k). Monthly living expenses in savings are not counted. 
  • Must have a shut off notice or a low fuel supply in order to apply for Emergency HEAP 
  • If your household's utility service is off, please report to the HEAP Office

To apply for assistance, please see methods chart below:


                                      How To Apply For HEAP


 Who can apply?

  • All clients who received HEAP last season
  • New clients if HEAD of Household is 60+, or disabled, OR if Household has disabled individual or child age 5 or younger OR if HH contains member receiving Code A SSI benefits
  • Proof of ALL HH earned income must be enclosed (2 or 4 paystubs). Proof of unearned income (Social security, Pension, etc.) not required.
  • Mail to: 291 Pearl St, Buffalo NY 14202
  • If head of household is 60 or older OR disabled and received HEAP last year, will receive an application by mail during early access period (September - October)
  • New applicants may call the Application request line at 858-1969 to request an application by mail

TA or FS households may not need to apply for Regular HEAP, approval may be automatic, BUT if missed autopay, TA/FS HHs may mail in an app. 



Who can apply?

  • Households who did or did not receive HEAP last season may apply in person
  • Must bring proof of ID, income for all household members, and current heat and electric bills
  • Must bring proof of ALL resources: bank, stocks, CD's IRA's, etc. (for EMERGENCY HEAP applications only)
  • Ape 60+ clients unable to appear due to infirmary: 858-8526
  • Under age 60 clients unable to appear due to disability/physical impairment: 858-6901





291 Pearl St Buffalo (60+ OR Disabled clients) OR 478 Main (all other applicants, ALL TA/FS recipients) 



Who can apply? 

  • If received HEAP last season:
    • Households in which Head of Households is 60 years of age or older
    • Code A SSI Households
  • If did not receive HEAP last season:
    • May initiate app process by phone. However, a completed and signed application and all required documentation must be submitted to the HEAP office by mail, in person, or via fax.

Emergency HEAP: Who can Apply?

  • All Households who were approved for a Regular benefit this season  
  • Callers should be prepared with Case #, SSN #, utility account numbers, HH income and resource (bank etc) amounts
  • HEAP Assistance hotline 858-7644





























                            **Wage Calculation for all HEAP Applications**

  Convert weekly income to monthly income: Average last four paystubs and multiply average weekly income by 4.3333

  Convert bi-weekly income to monthly income: Average last two paystubs and multiply average bi-weekly income by 2.1666