HEAP, Emergency Services-EAF moving to 460 Main St.

Modified: October 24, 2018 9:39am

Effective Monday, October 15, 2018 the Erie County Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) and Emergency Assistance to Families (EAF)-Emergency Services units will be re-located to 460 Main St., second floor, Buffalo. Clients are to report to this new site via the Main Street entrance.


The previous location for HEAP and EAF-Emergency Services had been the first floor of 478 Main St., where these units will remain open for service through Friday, October 12, 2018. The phone number for the HEAP Hotline (858-7644) and the HEAP Application Line (858-1969) will remain the same upon the unit's re-location to 460 Main St.; and the number for EAF-Emergency Services (858-6265) will also remain the same. 


The Regular HEAP Benefit Component, for an eligible household's main source of heat, is scheduled to open November 13, 2018. HEAP Early Outreach applications are currently available for that program. Heating (Furnace) Equipment Repair and Replacement (HERR) is also open. Beginning November 13, 2018, HEAP applications will be made available. For directions on how to fill out a HEAP application, Click Here

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