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HEAP Heating Equipment Repair and Replacement Program

Assistance with repair or replacement of home furnace or boiler

  • HERR assistance is only available to HEAP Eligible HOME OWNERS
  • If household is HEAP eligible with low resources and currently without heat in home, client should report to the HEAP office immediately with as much of the documentation listed below as possible to apply for HERR assistance
  • HEAP is open Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM -4:30 PM, 478 Main Street, Buffalo
    • After hours, in case of a heating emergency, contact Emergency Crisis Services at 834-3131.
  • HEAP may assist with furnace repair or replacement if:
    • Essential heating equipment (furnace, boiler, etc.) is in need of repair or replacement
    • Client is HEAP eligible home owner for at least one year and living in the home
    • Client has low financial resources
  • HEAP HERR Application process:
    • ALL interviews for HERR assistance are done in person at the HEAP office, 478 Main Street, Buffalo
    • HEAP HERR program is open until 3/16/12

                                    Documentation Requirements:

      • Identification for everyone in the household.
      • Proof of 4 most current consecutive weeks of gross income for all household members. 
        • No income proof needed for Active TA or FS households.
      • Current Utility bills
      • Deed or Bill of Sale must be provided to prove ownership. If the individual on the Deed or Bill of Sale is deceased, you must provide us with a Death Certificate.
      • Client must reside in the household for which they are applying for at least 12 months.
      • Renters are not eligible. Landlords cannot apply for their tenants. Landlords are responsible for repairs to their tenant units.
    •  Proof of Resources:
      • Provide proof of resources for everyone listed on the deed to the property.
      • All other households must provide:.
        • Most current Checking/Savings Account Bank Statements
        • Proof of stocks, bonds, CDs 
        • Current balance of 401K, with the timeframe of how long it would take to access it, etc.
      • 2 Furnace Estimates
        Call area heating contractors for estimates. Heating contractors are located in the yellow pages in the HEATING Section. Advise contractors that you are applying for HEAP assistance. There should be no charge for the estimate. If you have a problem obtaining estimates report to HEAP and a HERR worker will assist
  • If you are unable to report to HEAP due to severe immobility/impairment contact:
    • If you are 60 years of age or older, contact Erie County Senior Services at 858-8526
    • If you are under 60 years of age and disabled, contact Adult Services at 858-6901
    • After normal business hours, contact Emergency Crisis Services at 834-3131