Results Based Accountability

In 2010 the Erie County Youth Bureau implemented a Performance Accountability process for each Erie County funded agency.  Results Based Accountability is made up of two parts:


-“Population Accountability”-    About the well-being of whole populations; for communities, cities, counties, states, nations.

-“Performance Accountability”- About the well being of client populations; for programs, agencies, and service systems.


Led by the guidance of Karen Finn, Results Leadership Group (, agencies are trained in “Performance Accountability” to measure the work they do quantitatively to provide programmatic outcomes/data. The Erie County Youth Bureau is concerned about the well being of the youth population in Erie County, and how funded programs and agencies are serving them.  Performance Accountability looks at how well a program or agency is working on three levels:


  1. How much did we do?
  2. How well did we do it?
  3. Is anyone better off?  = Program/Agency Outcomes


The goal is to see the impact youth programs are making in numbers, and to allow the Erie County Youth Bureau to advocate for funded agencies.  In these challenging fiscal times, simply working with young people is not enough.  It is important to fund programs that help young people escape the cycle of poverty and leave them better off.  A “Performance Measurement Form”, developed by the Erie County Youth Bureau and Karen Finn, is due at the end of each year.  This form not only provides program/agency outcomes, but also displays measurement tools used, the story behind the data, and a narrative program recap. 


Each of the approximately 75 programs the ECYB funds annually are unique, therefore it is important to implement a process that allowed each agency to measure the impact their youth programs make in a unique and distinct fashion.  The “Performance Accountability” process meets this objective, and allows each to choose their own “Performance Measures”, which are then approved by the Erie County Youth Bureau.  


Starting in January 2011, Performance Accountability will be implemented into contracts and becomes a part of the allocation decision process.  To see a sample Performance Measurement Form, please click here.