Consumer Protection Committee

There shall be a consumer protection committee. The committee shall:

  1. Undertake activities to encourage business and industry within the county to maintain high standards of honesty and fair business practices, and to act responsibly in the production, promotion and sale of consumer goods and services, in the extension of credit and in the collection of consumer debts;
  2. Investigate and analyze resources and services available to consumers within the departments of Erie county government and programs funded by Erie county and shall recommend measures to coordinate, consolidate or expand these resources and services to provide maximum efficiency and effectiveness;
  3. Increase consumer awareness and competence through the development of educational programs emphasizing preventive education, the creation and distribution of publications, the use of communications media and a speakers bureau;
  4. Submit an annual report of its activities and recommendations to the county executive and county Legislature;
  5. Have a minimum of four public meetings each year at which meetings the business of the committee shall be conducted.

To effectuate the purpose of this section, the commissioner and the county executive shall require any county department, division, board, council, committee or agency to provide such facilities, assistance and data as will enable the committee to properly effectuate its powers and duties.

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