Council on the Disabled

The advisory board to the office for the disabled shall be known as the Erie county council on the disabled. Members of the council shall be appointed by the county executive, subject to confirmation by the county legislature and shall serve without compensation. Such council shall consist of twelve voting members: six of whom shall be disabled individuals or the parent of a disabled child or children, with a maximum of three of the preceding members being a non disabled parent of a disabled child or children; and three of whom shall be appointed from a list of nine representatives nominated by public and private agencies and organizations serving disabled citizens of the county. In addition to the voting members, each public and private agency and organization providing service to the disabled shall be entitled to designate a non voting member to the council. The term of office of voting members of the council shall be two years and the term of the members first appointed shall commence on the first day of the month following the enactment of this law. A vacancy shall be filled for an unexpired term of a voting member in the same manner as the original appointment. Officers of the council shall be selected by the voting membership thereof.

Meetings of the council shall be held upon the call of the chairman or as specified in a written declaration by a majority of the members of such council but in no event shall less than eight meetings per year be held.

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