Environmental Management Council

Establishment of the Erie county environmental management council; membership. There is hereby established, pursuant to article nineteen of the conservation law and the municipal home rule, a county environmental management council, to be known as the Erie county environmental management council, hereinafter called the council. The council shall be appointed by the county executive, subject to the confirmation of the legislature, and shall consist of twelve members at large and one member recommended to the county executive by and from each town, village or city environmental or conservation management council established by the official governing body of such town, village or city. The term of all members shall be two years. Vacancies on the council shall be filled in the same manner as the original appointment except that a vacancy occurring through circumstances other than by expiration of term of office shall be filled only for the remainder of the unexpired term. In addition, the commissioner of environment and planning, the commissioner of health, and are representative of the Erie and Niagara counties regional planning board shall be ex officio voting members of the council.

The county executive shall appoint one member of the council as chairman thereof. The council shall meet at least four times each year. The council shall adopt rules and procedures for its meetings, shall keep accurate records of its meetings and activities, and shall file the annual report and plan as provided in section sixteen hundred twenty two of this law.

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